Carman: Who is the ‘Best of Casey County?’

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By Donna Carman

Well, the ballots are in, and thanks to all of you who participated in choosing the “Best of Casey County” Reader’s Choice Awards.
So, who won?
We don’t know yet. We’re still counting ballots.
The response in the three-week voting period went very well, and rest assured, we will announce who those winners are in a special publication that will come out in a few weeks.
Meanwhile, those of you who were voted the winners in the 60 categories in which we asked readers to name their favorites, will be contacted in the next few days. You’ll be given the opportunity to participate in that special section, which is scheduled for publication on Feb. 23.
On that day, the winners will be invited to the Liberty/Casey County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon, at the Central Kentucky AG/EXPO Center, in which they will be recognized. Each winner will receive a blue ribbon decal to display in their place of business, announcing that business is the “Best ________ in Casey County.”
We’re very excited about these “Best Of” awards, and those of you chosen as the winners should be also. It says a lot when people take the time to fill out a ballot, signaling out your business or service, and giving you their vote of confidence.
We all like the idea of putting our “two cents worth” in, and I’d like to say a big thank you myself to all of you who participated in our first-ever “Best of Casey County” Reader’s Choice Awards.
And, to those of you who will scoff — and yes, some of you will — at who the winners will be, I’ll say the same thing I’d say if it were the city, county, state or national elections. If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to gripe.
Besides the winners of the various categories, I’m sure most of you are curious about one other thing as well — who won the $50 in our participation drawing?
We don’t know that yet either. We’ll conduct the drawing when the ballots are completely tabulated.
But you won’t have to wait until Feb. 23 to find out that winner. Some lucky person will be getting a phone call from our office soon (maybe today), and we’ll let everyone know who won.
Again, thanks for taking part — and being a part of — the “Best of Casey County.”