en Commonwealth seeks Gross’ property <p> BOE Chaiman Ken Coffman's letter of resignation <img src="" alt="Coffman&#039;s resignation letter" title="Coffman&#039;s resignation letter" align="left" hspace="6" width="65" height="85" /><p> BOE Chairman Resigns <p class="p1"> Casey County Fair kicks off Saturday <p> It&rsquo;s that time of year again. Time for carnival rides that make you sick, crazy clowns and truck pulls. The 17th annual Casey County Fair begins Saturday and runs through June 6 at the Central Kentucky AG/EXPO Center in Liberty. Casey&rsquo;s Rides will be back<br /> again from June 2-6, featuring more than 20 rides for adults and<br /> children. Gates open at noon May 30 with admission at $5 per person<br /> Turtleman’s lawyers answer lawsuit claims <p> Attorneys representing Ernie Brown Jr., known universally as &ldquo;Turtleman,&rdquo; have answered allegations that Casey Countian J.D. Long has made in a March 2015 lawsuit against Brown and others.<br /> County’s voter turnout beats state average <p class="p1"> SonFest: Free, family-friendly, multi-church event <p> &nbsp;<span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 20.3999996185303px;">What began as a one-church effort to host a community-wide block party, SonFest has turned into a multi-church community event. With more than 250 people at last year&rsquo;s SonFest, Bruce Heiner, pastor of Liberty United Methodist Church, said he is hopeful that the third annual block party will bring even more people.</span></p> <p class="p1"> &ldquo;SonFest is our church&rsquo;s effort to get to know the neighbors in the community. It&rsquo;s a big block party, completely free to everyone,&rdquo; Hiner said.</p> Attorney celebrates ‘nothing’ at picnic <p> Nestled in the woods off Bryant Ridge Road, away from the hustle and bustle of town, is Jerry and Vivian Foster&rsquo;s 206-yearold<br /> cabin. On May 20, Foster held a &ldquo;redneck buffet picnic,&rdquo; at the cabin, to celebrate ... nothing, he said. Originally, the lunch was supposed to be with Tom Hall, of Kentucky Farm Bureau, but he just kept inviting people. &ldquo;I was just in the mood for a picnic,&rdquo; Foster<br />