en School board to disclose lawsuit settlement <p> Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear issued an opinion May 16 that the Casey County Board of Education make public the details of a monetary settlement paid to two teachers who sued a former principal at Casey County Middle School.</p> <p> <em>The Casey County News </em>had asked Beshear&rsquo;s office for a ruling on the lawsuit settlement that was sealed based on a confidentiality agreement between the plaintiffs, Angela Rodgers and Cassondra Elmore, and the defendant, Kathy Fogle.</p> Jones Park Elementary goes on lockdown <p> Jones Park Elementary School went into lockdown Monday morning, based on a statement &ldquo;that could be perceived as a threat,&rdquo; said Liberty Police Chief Steven Garrett.</p> <p> Few details are known about the lockdown, including what the possible threat was, who made it, how long the school was locked down, and whether parents were notified of the lockdown.</p> Overdose remedy available locally <p> &ldquo;Do you know someone at risk of drug overdose? Naloxone reverses opioid overdoses. You can stop an overdose death!&rdquo; states a press release from the Lake Cumberland District Health Department in Somerset, a public agency that serves 10 counties, including Casey County.</p> <p> Statistics compiled by the local Agency for Substance Abuse Policy shows from September 2015 through August 2016, there were six drug-related deaths in Casey County.</p> <p> However, Casey County EMS treated 68 overdose victims from July 2015 through August 2016.</p> WKDO FM sold to Shoreline <p> An iconic classic country FM radio station has been sold, nearly four years after current owners Joey Hoover and Tony Kerr acquired the station at the top of Dry Ridge Hill in Liberty.</p> <p> &ldquo;I am confident that selling to Shoreline Communications is a very positive step for the future of WKDO and in expanding the radio station&rsquo;s service to Liberty, Casey County and the entire region,&rdquo; stated Hoover in announcing the sale on Facebook.</p> <p> Shoreline Communications is owned by Mike and Laura Harris of Columbia.</p> Rousey finishes a 50K race <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Running a 26.2-mile marathon on city streets under ideal conditions would be tough enough but how about adding five additional miles, all on mountainous terrain, single gravel tracks, crossing knee-deep creeks, and climbing 3,800 feet?</p> <p> Liberty&rsquo;s Taylor Rousey did exactly that in April, competing in the Yamacraw 50K in McCreary County.</p> <p> &ldquo;I&rsquo;m not fast. The guy that won ran it in about half the time I did,&rdquo; Rousey said, adding his official time was 9:19:49 when he crossed the finish line.</p> Police News: May 24, 2017 <p> <strong>Drugs</strong></p> Street Beat: May 24, 2017 <p> <em>Taken from the Casey County E911 records, Street Beat represents a history of the initial calls and the information used by the dispatcher to send officers to investigate complaints. It is not an indication of what the officers found upon arrival at the scene or how police may have dealt with the complaint.<br /> <br /> </em></p> Tarter/EDA seeking $1 million grant <p> Tarter Farm and Ranch is teaming up with Liberty-Casey County Economic Development Authority in applying for a $1 million grant.</p> <p> Tarter, the county&rsquo;s largest employer, has applied for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the EDA.</p> <p> A CDBG is money that&rsquo;s administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development into states and the states administer the projects locally to what are considered non-entitlement counties, rural smaller areas such as Casey County.</p>