en No health insurance for deputy coroner <p> Casey County Fiscal Court magistrates voted on Monday that the county will no longer offer health insurance for the part-time position of deputy coroner.<br /> &ldquo;It&rsquo;s an illegal expenditure,&rdquo; said County Attorney Tom Weddle.<br /> At issue is whether health insurance can be offered to Deputy Coroner Mike Brown, who began serving under newly elected Coroner Curt Demrow in January.<br /> Because the position is part time, County Judge-Executive Randy Dial said the county cannot offer health insurance.<br /> EDA hears update on new college <p> The completion date for the new college is now just weeks away and members of the Liberty Casey County Economic Development Authority heard a report on other aspects of the project.<br /> The Casey County Community and Education Center is scheduled to be finished on May 3, EDA Director Blaine Staat said in Monday&rsquo;s meeting.<br /> Staat said that a date for the ribbon cutting has yet to be confirmed as he&rsquo;s talking with Gov. Steve Beshear&rsquo;s office to find a date compatible with his schedule.<br /> Man sentenced to prison on stolen property charge <p> Appearing before Casey Circuit Judge Judy D. Vance on April 13 in Casey Circuit Court, Bobby Russell Martin was sentenced to three years in prison, with probation denied, on a charge of receiving stolen property under $10,000.<br /> On Aug. 28, 2014, authorities discovered that Martin had in his possession a John Deere RSX 850 Gator belonging to David T. Reynolds, knowing the Gator ― valued at $12,350 ― had been stolen.<br /> In other actions:<br /> Ten indictments handed down in Casey Circuit Court <p> A Casey County grand jury indicted 10 people on April 13 on a variety of charges ranging from theft to drugs to burglary, among others.<br /> &mdash; Amanda L. Woods faces one count of theft by failure to make the required disposition of property, value over $10,000. Between Sept. 24 and Nov. 10, 2014, Woods failed to make a required disposition of $15,578.34 that she dealt with as her own.<br /> Street Beat: April 22, 2015 <p> Taken from the Casey County E911 records, Street Beat represents a history of the initial calls and the information used by the dispatcher to send officers to investigate complaints. It is not an indication of what the officers found upon arrival at the scene or how police may have dealt with the complaint.<br /> <br /> April 13<br /> 8:30 a.m. reckless driver in Yosemite.<br /> 8:40 a.m. vandalism at Sweet Beans.<br /> 10:42 a.m. threat at 2773 Ky. 1859.<br /> 11:59 a.m. officer out of car at CCHS.<br /> 12:26 p.m. officer out of car on Turkey Creek Rd.<br /> Police News: April 22, 2015 <p> DUI<br /> &mdash; Sarah Grider, 29, of 7568 South Ky. 501, Liberty, was arrested on April 15 by Deputy Chad G. Weddle and charged with third offense DUI and driving on a DUI suspended license. Weddle reported that he was notified that Grider ― while under the influence ― was picking up her 9-year-old child from school, which she did. Grider told Weddle that she had taken two Suboxone pills, the report states.<br /> City considers water/sewer rate increase <p> Liberty City Council wants to hear from residents concerning a proposed rate increase in water and sewer rates. And, to that end, the council isn&rsquo;t going to take action on the increase until next month&rsquo;s meeting on May 11.<br /> &nbsp;&ldquo;They&rsquo;re going to go up. We just have to determine how much it&rsquo;s going up,&rdquo; said Mayor Steven Brown in Monday&rsquo;s regularly scheduled meeting.<br /> Clark’s attorneys in lawsuit seeking transfer to federal court <p> In a multi-million dollar lawsuit against former Casey County Coroner Tommy Clark, attorneys for Clark are seeking to have the case moved from Casey County Circuit Court to United States District Court in Bowling Green. Along with the motion seeking the transfer, a second motion was filed to dismiss the suit.<br />