•  As you may know, I’m from Russell County, and this column probably wouldn’t ever be published there because it’s about Russell Countians.

    Not all of them, of course, but some of them and their reactions to last week’s “moist” vote in the Jamestown.

  •  Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV and avoid political ads, well, you’re wrong — for some political action committees, it’s never too early to start airing the issues.

  •  Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV and avoid political ads, well, you’re wrong — for some political action committees, it’s never too early to start airing the issues.

  •  This may very well be the last column I write.

    It’s called “The Confusion Column” because (a): I am somewhat confused as I write it, and (b): I think “confusion” is the apt word to describe the present state of our society.

  •  Just in time for the middle of summer, Twinkies are on store shelves after having been pronounced dead last November when Hostess Brands went out of business.

  •  There’s nothing in the world like a first-class, old-fashioned barn burner of an election, and dear hearts, we’ve got one on the horizon.

  •  As a mere lad in 1978, I remember seeing Karl Wallenda, of The Great Wallendas, fall to his death during an ill-fated high-wire walk in Puerto Rico. 

  •  Picture it! Greece, 490 BC. The overmatched Greek army has bested the Persian army on the Plain of Marathon. A Greek soldier, Pheidippides, is sent running to Athens, a distance of 26 miles, to let the Athenians know the battle was won but to be on the lookout for the Persian navy that might be headed their way. 

  •  Laws against sagging pants


    I often read my hometown newspaper, The Moultrie (Ga.) Observer online and keep up with folks I've known for years. I'm also interested in what actions governmental bodies act upon.

    Recently, the council held second reading on a measure updating an ordinance aimed at public indecency, most notably, at people who wear sagging pants, exposing their underwear, and backsides, to the world.

  •  No, I do, really. I'm not just saying that. 

    Let me explain why.

    I am all too aware when you live somewhere, it's kind of like, what's that old saying, “You can't see the forest for the trees?” Or something like that.

    What I am trying to say is if you have worked and/or lived here for a while, you may not be aware of – or may have forgotten – some of the true gems around here.

  •  Ms. Wells' column on the five major stores in Yosemite and Middleburg was a fine article. I well remember those establishments myself.

  •  If you love a cold case, I have a doozey for you. What happened to Randolph’s sword?

    I really do appreciate people who call or write with suggestions for stories, especially with a local angle. And a real humdinger arrived in our e-mail on Friday.

  •  There may be some truth to the claim I drive the 30 miles to work each weekday morning in my sleep.

    It’s pretty much a straight shot up U.S. 127 and if the traffic’s not bad, it’s smooth sailing.

  •  Sparing the rod may keep you from being arrested


  •  Sparing the rod may keep you from being arrested


  •  I'm not mechanically inclined. 

    And I can prove it. 

  •  I have heard a rumor several times recently that a new Dollar General Store is coming to Yosemite. I hope this is not just a rumor. 

  •  What is the difference between how we did things in 1970 and today? And especially how we did things at school?

    I definitely want our children to be safe and it’s better to err on the side of being overly cautious but can we not at times take that to an extreme?

  • If you know me at all, you know I am not a doddering old coot. I might not run marathons or participate in Iron Woman triathlons but my brain still works well, thank you very much.
    I got a call from my sister recently. She said, “Are you okay?”  I said, “Yes, why?”  She said, “There’s been a car beside the road near Walnut Hill for two days and it looks just like yours. I wondered if you were okay.”  
    I said, “It’s not mine and I’m okay.”

  • In gathering police news as I do every week by reading the police reports that are public record, I came across an unusual item where a man had been cited for harvesting ginseng on someone else’s property.
    First of all, I had no idea that ginseng even grew in these parts, that there’s a legal time to harvest it or where it can be harvested, and the fact it’s worth as much as $600 a pound.