• We’ve all heard the tale of the little boy who cried “Wolf!” and what happened to him.

    Wanting attention, the little boy, who was tending a flock of sheep, cried out for help as a wolf was supposedly attacking the flock. Each time he’d cry out, help would come running, and the little boy would collapse in a fit of laughter. He was given stern warnings not to call for help when none was needed, or eventually no one would believe him and not come to his aid when he truly needed help.

  • I must confess that I’ve had a life-long love affair with motorcycles; they just haven’t loved me in return.

    There’s just something about those sleek, rumbling machines that glide down the road allowing the wind to blow in the rider’s face. But for various reasons, I hesitate to buy one.

    In the early 1990s, I was in southern Iowa at a conference, and after speaking to a group one night, I wandered out to the parking lot where I spotted two big, Harley choppers.

  • I live across the river from the Ag Center. I don’t have to attend the loud music venues. I can hear them free from my porch.

    I have a gripe with the loud cannon and artillery explosions of the fireworks. I see nothing wrong with the aerial displays and the popping and sizzling of the fireworks. However, in due respect for the nursing home residents and neighbors, the loud explosions must go. I fear for my windows breaking. I know of pets becoming disoriented and run off and lost because of the fireworks.

  •  The late Harry Rhoden, editor emeritus of the defunct Lyons, Ga., Progress newspaper, once told me the following story.

  •  In a time when prices on just about anything are skyrocketing, kudos go to the Casey County government for the success of the jail program.

  •  This letter is in response to an article published by the Associated Press regarding the recent purchase of TASER devices by the Kentucky State Police. The article was poorly researched and somewhat misleading.

  •  The sleek bass boat skimmed the top of the lake’s surface as the wind whipped the hair away from my face.