•  I got to thinking the other day how we southerners use a lot of quaint sayings in our everyday language. It’s kind of how we lean our words together to make a point.

    Having been raised in South Georgia, I heard many of these colloquial statements and I have continued to use them, even when we lived overseas in France and in west Africa.

    What I have discovered living across the pond is that while each language has its own down-home sayings, ours don’t really translate into other languages.

  •  Once in awhile as a reporter you come across certain topics that you can’t stand to write about and for me, that includes health insurance and taxes – both of which are unfortunate evils that people need to be informed about. However, that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. I would much rather stand outside and count the number of snowflakes that have fallen in Casey County than deal with the before-mentioned items.

  •  For more than a week, I have been in Greensburg covering the complicity to commit murder trial of David Salyers, who’s accused of driving Bobby Rigdon to Dunnville on the night of Sept. 26, 2012 to shoot Gleason Pyles allegedly over the way Pyles wanted to quit the Iron Horsemen motorcycle club and also over a debt on a motorcycle.

    The days are long and tedious, filled with hours and hours of testimony seeking to prove or disprove Salyers’ part in Pyles’ murder.

  •  So much attention and focus has been placed on the weather for almost two weeks now that I’m sure most people are sick of hearing about it. Most of us have been bundled up with multiple layers of clothing or in our homes trying to keep the house warm, but find ourselves hiding under several blankets. Let’s be honest, some of us have had to fight with the dog or cat for dibs on the heat register. My point is, it’s cold out and there is no way to get warm. 

  •  British author and philosopher C.S. Lewis once observed, “Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive.”

    I thought of Lewis’ statement after the University of Louisville hired Bobby Petrino as their head football coach for the second time. Not being a Cardinal fan, forgiving the coach for his past mistakes was easy for me.

  •  It seems that just about every week there surfaces a scandal of some fashion and we almost become hardened and cynical in learning of it.

    With celebrities, we are certain they find trouble because of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “They deserve what they get,” we say.

    With friends and family members, a scandal can generate a lot of gossip and among Christians a heartfelt “we need to pray for so-and-so, he really needs it.” And then we gossip under the guise of prayer.

  •  Strange:  “Now the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch.” 

    Is there anybody left in Casey County who is not running for public office in this year’s primary? At the risk of alienating everybody I know, how many people running for office are competent and qualified to do the job for which they are running? How many are even knowledgeable of the job requirements? 

    I am not going to answer those questions but I hope that you, the voters, will answer them to your satisfaction before you vote. 

  •  Several states  are opting to raise minimum wage in the new year, with some increasing more substantially than others.

    According to CNN Money, 13 states and four cities are raising their minimum wage. Currently, the federal level is a measly $7.25, which is hardly enough to survive on and it’s ridiculous to think that people would argue that the current rate is acceptable. It’s just not possible to survive on $7.25, especially when employers aren’t allowing employees’ sufficient hours.

  •  Mention the smells of Christmas and most people have little trouble ticking off their favorites:  the perfume of evergreen , the citrusy  smell of fruit in the Christmas stockings, cinnamon spice tea brewing, the aroma of gingerbread cookies and pumpkin bread baking.

    So popular are these smells that they’ve been packaged in Christmas aerosol sprays, candles, and refresher oils.

    Not so with the New Year. 

  •  There exists a sport that people down south may be unfamiliar with or they’ve heard of it, but have yet to give it the respect it deserves. The sport I am speaking of is hockey, more specifically the National Hockey League.

  •  The A&E network really shot a goose when it decided to suspend “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson from the show for expressing his views on homosexuality in an article with GQ magazine.

    However, I doubt the network ever imagined the response that would come from the show’s fans or the evangelical church community in support of Robertson.

  •   “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know.” I love that song and I love the thought of a white Christmas because of it.

    How many white Christmases have I known since 1942? I can’t tell you right off-hand so I might just look it up. I truly doubt that there have been more than a dozen in that length of time unless you count light dustings that melt in about an hour.

  •  With the holidays upon us that means many businesses and institutions will be closing their doors for a couple of days this month. Buildings will be closed, lights off, and locked up tight. However, this is not the case for everyone. 

    Numerous emergency personnel will be on call working the holiday shift, including law enforcement, ambulance services, dispatch or communications personnel, and firefighters. 

  •  On a frigid afternoon this past Tuesday, Dec. 10, some 65 people representing different expressions of faith gathered on the Boone Farm in Nelson County, Ky., affirming their belief that God is not pleased with what hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is doing to his creation. 

  •  With filing dates looming early next year to announce candidacy for the upcoming county and city elections, several  people have decided to run for positions. 

    When you look at the updated lists found in the newspaper of those who have filed there is a lack of women running for county offices and Democratic candidates, but I’m not going to even tackle the second issue. 

    Currently there is only one woman that has filed and that was for judge executive. Where are the intelligent, confident, and capable ladies of Casey County? 

  •  Word came this week that the Food and Drug Administration has approved the high-dose narcotic painkiller Zohydro ER. And that, dear readers, came despite the FDA’s own advisory panel voting against its approval 11-2.

    This is a drug that’s pure hydrocodone, a narcotic in pill form that’s five to 10 times more potent than any form of hydrocodone currently on the market.

  •  This particular emergency room is all too familiar to me: I know the room numbers and their location almost by memory now, having been called upon to pray here more times than I care to recall.

    But every situation is a bit different; this one caught me by the throat. 

    I had known Colin since he was a pup, baptized him, watched him grow to young adulthood, and prayed over him when he left home on the way to fulfilling his dream of a military career.

  •  The most popular puppy names of 2013 have been released by www.vetstreet.com and while most aren’t that surprising, there are a few that stand out.

    Anyone with a pet knows that choosing a name is an extremely important process and I do mean process. It’s just as important as naming a child and when you hear the names of children today, it may appear that people have put more thought in naming their pet than their own children.

  •  I was not a pretty baby when I was born. I looked like Winston Churchill but it is my opinion that all new babies look like ol’ Winston. They don’t start getting cute until they are around 6 to 8 months old.

    From the time I was 2 years old until I was around 6, I was kind of cute. I definitely had great hair, skin, and teeth. When I was 7, however, my mother gave me a hair permanent and there went one of the three. Then I started losing my baby teeth and I was left with only good skin.