Today's Opinions

  • Pope Francis’ graceful answer

    Although I am not a Catholic, I have always found the Pope to be such a benevolent force in the world around us.
    We all walk around with questions that no one can answer – at least none of our fellow humans. Why do bad things happen to good people? With the resources and technology that we have today, why are so many still starving?

  • Why aren’t we angry about this?

    It’s not a stretch to hear gainfully employed people complain that a lot of people are doing nothing to draw a government check.
    “Too many on welfare, getting paid for doing nothing,” people whine.
    Well, what about when duly elected county officials, who do basically nothing, are paid between $20,000 and $70,000?
    Why aren’t we complaining about this situation?

  • Faith renewed twice this week

    JE SUIS CHARLIE in Liberty
    Many people were upset to learn that for some time during the morning of Jan. 12, a French flag was flying on the Judicial Center’s flag pole. Others were not upset by its presence, and instead considered it a sign of respect for the nation who most recently suffered a terrible terrorist attack.
    I belong to the latter group – I was very humbled by the gesture. It wasn’t until Tuesday morning that we learned who was responsible for raising the flag and by then my curiosity had almost gotten the best of me.

  • Boehner’s wrath gone wrong

    If you didn’t watch the 114th Congress vote on the new Speaker of the House, then you missed quite a show.
    Like many, I believed that Rep. John Boehner would be voted into the seat with no opposition, until whispers started spreading across the internet and social media.
    Suddenly, phone calls began jamming the lines of district and Capitol offices of House GOP leadership and constituents began demanding that their representatives vote against Boehner.

  • State senate right to protect the unborn

    One thing I’ve learned in covering politics in Kentucky, two issues stand out in conservative, Republican areas of the state ― gay rights and abortion.
    To answer these in the sense of being pro-life and pro-family pretty much assures conservative voters will give the nod to a particular candidate.
    That’s a two-pronged question I unashamedly ask candidates when they “politic” in Casey County.

  • ‘Millennials’ hate being called ‘Millennials’

    When I hear the word it makes me cringe.
    I belong to this group being called “Millennials” and can tell you first hand that we hate it.
    The word comes with a long list of characteristics and traits that have nothing to do with us and lots more to do with people who can’t understand us.
     I know that for organization’s sake, it is helpful to lump an entire generation under one label when examining various characteristics and social trends.

  • Consider your decisions, actions in 2015

    Is less more, more less, or is it all in one’s perspective? Two decades ago, the majority of American families were not burdened with finding funds within its budget to cover satellite television, cell phone, and Internet service.  
    Yet today, individuals are considered somewhat of an oddity if they do not purchase these amenities.

  • The value of living in a great community

    Part of being a newspaper reporter is knowing that news can break at any time. That’s exactly what happened Monday afternoon about 3:15 when Tonya Harne left her car running in front of a business on Middleburg Street in downtown Liberty.
    Not inside the business more than 90 seconds, she turned around and her car was gone, having been stolen by Zachary Hugh Cook, who faces a mountain of charges in connection with the theft.
    While stealing a car is mostly a rare event in Casey County, it can happen.