Today's Opinions

  • Budget address a first step

    By Sen. Jimmy Higdon

    Despite the slick roads and thick accumulation of snow across the Commonwealth, the Kentucky General Assembly returned ready to work following the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. The general atmosphere in the Capitol was one of anticipation as citizens rallied for causes in the Rotunda and met with their legislators throughout the week.

  • Will pension funding engulf entire budget?

    By Jim Waters

    Your humble correspondent warned for years the day would come when public-pension funding crowded out government services Kentuckians on both sides of the political aisle care about.

    I’ve also warned repeatedly that dumping more money into the systems without stopping the bleeding will create additional pressures on an already-strained budget while failing to fix our pension woes.

    Despite fervently hoping such prophecies were wrong, they now find fulfillment in Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed two-year budget.

  • A million-dollar talk goes great with baking cookies

    By Gloria Yoder

    I like goals and the New Year is a great time to plan some. Having a goal, then reaching it has a satisfaction all its own. My husband, Daniel, is the same way. He likes knowing what he’s aiming for, and reaching his mark and perhaps even outdoing his last time of tackling the a similar task. Here’s my question: how is it possible to have all these goals to spur us on, yet not become discouraged if they can’t be reached?

  • Higdon updates on 2018 legislative session

    Sen. Jimmy Higdon

  • Have no friends? You can always rent one

    By Roger Alford

    Three co-workers were getting to know each other over lunch when they started sharing secrets about their character flaws.

    The first one said he sneaks off to a storage room every day in the early afternoon to take a nap without the boss ever knowing.

    The second one said he found a way to steal candy bars from the breakroom vending machines when no one’s looking.

    Both then turned to the third one and said: “What about you? Do you have any character flaws?”

  • Hot chocolate warms both your heart and your mugs

    By Gloria Yoder

    Everyday life at our household continues to be quite eventful with our four little ones! Some days flow smoothly with me even getting a chance to sew a couple stitches on a dress or do some mending, while at other times I wonder if I really get anything done or have the needed management skills to care for these darlings. Recently I made the comment to Daniel, “The only thing I got done this forenoon is a little bit of laundry!”

  • How many ways can you say 'distraction?'

    By Jim Waters

    We may be smack dab in the middle of Kentucky’s basketball season, but a quote from a recently retired Hall of Fame baseball manager seems to best describe the opening of the 2018 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

    “There are always distractions, if you allow them,” said longtime St. Louis Cardinals’ manager Tony La Russa.

    La Russa didn’t win 2,728 games — third-winningest in history — by allowing distractions to diminish the focus of his team and their performance on the diamond.

  • A year of extraordinary accomplishment

    By U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell

    In November 2016, the American people sent President Trump to the White House and Republican majorities back to Congress. We worked together to make 2017, by any objective standard, a year of extraordinary accomplishment. While the national media may overlook or downplay any of these successes, the fact remains that Congress has achieved a number of priorities this past year for the people we represent.