Today's Opinions

  • Alpine skiing is my sport

    By Joberta Wells

    Those of you who know me well know that I am an accomplished athlete. I mastered jumping rope, including Double Dutch, when I was in grade school. I was also a master of hide and seek, jacks, Red Rover, and other such classical sports. 

  • Protecting students in Kentucky

    By Mitch McConnell 

    Last December, Bernie Sanders, a liberal Senator from Vermont, led every single Senate Democrat to impose an endowment tax of around $1 million per year on Berea College.

  • Learning lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic

    By Stuart W. Sanders

    Kentucky Historical Society

    One afternoon in May 1918, my 12-year-old grandfather was walking home from school in Louisville when he encountered a man from his neighborhod.

    Run home fast, the man said, your father’s dead.

    With this abrupt message, my grandfather sprinted home, tears streaming down his face. His father had died from “edema of the lungs,” which was brought about by complications from influenza.

  • Support Weddle for sheriff

    To the Editor, The Casey County News:

    In a few months we will be voting to elect a new Casey County Sheriff.

    This will be a very important choice to make. Unfortunately the law does not require the candidates to have previous experience in the office or be a resident of the county for which they are running. I realize that most likely the six candidates are family men with good morals and well respected.

  • Ways to extend winter hay supplies

    By David Kessler

    Marion Co. Agricultural & Natural Resources Agent

    Over the past week or so I have heard a few farmers saying they are concerned about whether their hay supplies will last through the winter. I don’t think this is a widespread problem, but if you find yourself in a tight supply situation you can do a number of things to extend your hay supply.

  • Patience, honey, and whole wheat bread

    By Gloria Yoder

  • Where is my Oreo?

    Oh, please! Don’t you even know what an original Oreo cookie is? You must be under 25 because the original is about 100 years old. So am I! I want my Oreos!

  • Hit federal drug program’s PAUSE button

    The 340B program was created by Congress in 1992 to provide life-saving medicine to poor and uninsured Americans by forcing pharmaceutical manufacturers wanting their drugs covered by Medicaid and Medicare to sell them at discounted rates of up to 50 percent to hospitals willing to serve vulnerable patients.

    However, Washington has failed to provide needed oversight to ensure that facilities signing up for 340B are, in fact, serving the poor and investing reimbursed funds – per lawmakers’ intent – into charitable care.