Today's Opinions

  • Funny things do happen in church

    I was raised in a country Baptist church in south Georgia. As a matter of fact, I was Baptist nine months before I was born.

    My Daddy was a Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening deacon, which means if the church house doors were open, our family was there.

    Many in my hometown in south Georgia were surprised when I expressed a call to the Gospel ministry in 1978.

  • Veterans appreciate help for AF parade

    We would like to offer a special thanks to Johnson Gate for building the tarp frame for the trailer the Casey County Funeral Squad used in the Apple Festival Parade, and also to Larry Foxx for painting the trailer.

    We also thank those who gave donations for the tarp.

    Kenneth King

    Casey County Funeral Squad

  • Who will win Pet of the Year?

    If you haven’t flipped over to the back of this week’s issue yet, do so right now.

    Those are the participants in the first Casey County News’ “Pet of the Year” contest. You’ll see there are 15 dogs, seven cats and one miniature donkey. (No partridges in a pear tree.)

    For the last two weeks, we have asked our readers to submit a picture of their favorite pet. The entry fee for our first-ever pet contest was only $10, with the money going to our Newspaper In Education (NIE) fund.

  • Nearly $4,000 raised for old school roof

    On behalf of the Middleburg School Preservation committee I’d like to thank everyone who helped make our Apple Festival raffles a grand success. Special thanks go to those who donated raffle items; the many volunteers who manned the booth and sold tickets; and last, but not least, many thanks to everyone who bought tickets.

    We raised a grand total of $3,976 for the roof fund of the Middleburg School.

    Joberta Wells, Chairman

  • Joberta's big column of happiness

    I admire Oprah Winfrey for all she’s done to promote herself but I’m sick of her telling me how to live my life. I understand she’s written a new book called “Oprah’s Big Book of Happiness” or something like that.

    Well, here’s “Joberta’s Big Column of Happiness” and I hope it’s a hoot.

    Be kind to animals, small children, and old people.

  • Free clothes giveaway served 156 people

    We would like to thank The Casey County News for the story about our clothes giveaway at Gateway Park on Sept. 23, and WKDO for putting us on the radio. It went great. We had 156 people sign in and some that didn’t sign. There was around 200 people who came out and picked up clothes and ate with us.

    We would like to thank the community for coming together and helping with donations and for everyone who came out to help serve. This shows us the people of Liberty do care and will step up if needed.

  • Editorial: Community supporters are simply the best

    Where would schools, non-profit groups, benefit organizers, clubs, and sports teams be without the sponsorships of local businesses?

    Many, many times our local businesses are tapped by this group, or that group, seeking sponsorships and/or donations for everything from a benefit concert for someone who has lost a home to a fire, to something they can auction at a fall festival.

    And rarely are people turned down when they ask. That’s the beauty of living in a small town with close friends.

  • Casey spends $1.2M for lottery tickets

    Who hasn’t ever dreamed of winning it big in the lottery? Hitting the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes? Striking gold, Jed Clampett style?

    If you say you haven’t, then you’re probably not telling the truth.

    We all, at some point in our lives, dream of what we could do if we had unlimited financial resources. Some take a gamble on that every day, buying lottery tickets.