• Sale of alcohol advertised on local billboards

    We at Old Time Independent Baptist Church would like to let the folks in Casey County know that the sale of alcohol is being advertised on our billboards. We encourage you to call Judge Ronald Wright’s office and let him know your concerns about it.
    Like other counties, Satan is trying to slip it in without folks knowing.

    Ricky Rodgers

  • Enjoying Rowell’s column on Cathy’s views

    I enjoyed reading Larry Rowell’s column defending Dan Cathy’s right to state his view on marriage in the Aug. 1 issue.
    This is God’s view on same sex marriage (Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: It is an abomination”).
    I know Congress passed a law saying each state has a right to decide this matter. Does anyone think Congress is smarter than God?
    Acts 5:29, “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey God rather than man.”

    Bob Ellis

  • Reader likes ‘to each his own’ way of life

    I once wrote a letter to the editor about the things we cannot or aren’t supposed to do. In that letter, my point didn’t come across right.
    I won’t change anyone’s way of thinking and I’m sure what I say is moot to most people. I feel the need to say this anyway.
    The amount of oblivion there is today bumfuzzles me. I guess you can say I’m oblivious to why that is.

  • Volunteers save the day at Casey Library

  • Emergency workers are to be commended

    I have recovered from a hip operation and want to let the community know about the Casey County Ambulance Service and Air Evac Life team.
    I injured my hip on May 23 and responders from the Casey County Ambulance Service came immediately. They cared for me until the Air Evac helicopter landed on our front pasture to fly me to Norton Orthopedic Hospital in Louisville.
    The four EMTs were kind, considerate and professional. They are to be commended for their service and we thank the responders and their companies.

    Mary Alice Theriot

  • Thankful for Casey County Library volunteers

    Many of you may know about the recent disasters at our Casey County Public Library but many others might not.
    The air conditioning system decided to break down in the middle of one of the hottest summers we’ve ever had and parts to repair it have been difficult to find because other air conditioners everywhere were also breaking down.
    On top of it all, the storm we had Wednesday night, July 18, caused considerable damage with rainwater collapsing the ceiling in the main room of the library, flooding the area, and causing the loss of many wonderful books.

  • Stealing flags is disrespectful to veterans

    The veterans and Ladies Auxiliary are writing this letter in regards to flags being stolen from the VFW Post 5704 on Ky. 70 West. The American flag and state flag were taken on Monday, July 9.
    It is very hurtful and aggravating that someone could disrespect the veterans who have fought for the freedom we have today. Removing the flags brings a great deal of sorrow to us that someonecould do this and not appreciate what our veterans have done for them and our country.

  • CCHS Class of 2007 reunion announcement

    The Casey County High School Class of 2007 will be celebrating its five-year reunion on July 21 at 6 p.m. at the Mallard’s Restaurant.

    For more information contact Seth at 606-706-9305 or email caseycounty2007@live.com. We are collecting mailing addresses at this time for use in the future. If you are on Facebook, the event can be found by searching: Casey County High School Class of ‘07 Reunion.

  • Urges county to fix Upper Brush Creek Road

    At approximately 5850 Upper Brush Creek, there is a hump in the road that completely blinds you. At least one car or truck runs off the road weekly. The ditches are so deep it will destroy your car.
    They need to tile the ditches and widen the road there or take out the hump to make it safe. I was run off the road this week. I believe everyone who lives on Upper Brush Creek has been run off the road there.
    I have seen numerous wrecks (cars and trucks) and two motorcycle wrecks. The neighbor on the right had his tree taken out by a car being run off the road.

  • Jail system rules in place for a reason

    In response to the letter, “Changes are needed in jail system,” which was in The Casey County News on March 21:
    It is correct in saying that we cannot all agree on the point of how the jail is run in our county. We elect our jailer to run that jail and expect him to run it as set forth by rules and regulations mandated by the state. You can change the person that runs the jail with your vote. But you cannot change the way the jail must be run.