• Thanks for support to backpack program

     Thank you to all who attended the Tennessee Christmas concert on Dec. 18 and donated to the Casey County Schools Backpack Program. Your generosity will feed many hungry kids. Thank you to Dunnville Christian Church for hosting this event.

    Barb Pelley

    Family Resource Centers

    Youth Services Center

     Community Education

  • CCHS thanks community supporters

     Faculty and staff at the Casey County High School recently collected food, clothing, and special gifts for 65 needy children in our school. We expanded our list to include their siblings, bringing the total to 84 individuals served. Dale Hoskins helped supervise the event, as things were gathered in the CCHS library.

    This was not a school function, but a community-wide event. Most donors did not want to be recognized, but I wanted to make a public thank you for helping us serve the needs that these families faced. Thank you for all your support.

  • Share your views with legislators on the issues

    As we get ready to close out 2013, let me wish you and your family a happy New Year! 

    It’s time again for members of the Kentucky General Assembly to meet for a 60-day legislative session that is frequently called a “budget session.” During this time, my colleagues and I will work to develop a two-year budget for state government. We will also discuss other issues important to Kentuckians, including jobs, economic development, education and health care. 

  • Thankful for community support

     The first Veterans Day feast and dance in Liberty on Nov. 11 was an overwhelming success. It could not have happened without the entire community coming together to lend support.

    Our business partners made very generous donations with merchandise and money. Many individuals from Casey County gave money to help honor our veterans. The Casey County Baptist Association provided a tasty variety of home baked desserts and helped with the flow of the meal service.

  • Board should re-evaluate hiring policies

     I would like to address the front-page article from the Sept. 4 paper, “Board answers lawsuit, denies claims,” so that the people of Casey County know that these two teachers who are suing our Board of Education did not have a isolated experience. I have received the same poor treatment from our BOE and I am worried that our schools’ hiring practices will have a negative impact on our students.

  • Letters to the Editor: 7-24-13


  • LETTER: 7-17-13

     In response to Larry Rowell’s column on July 3, “The Fur’s Gonna Fly,” Larry, an answer to all this mud slinging for the next 16 months is the mute button.

    To shut them out, all I gotta do is push the mute button.

  • Loss of Goose Creek Candle tragic for all

     On May 18 our community witnessed a tragis loss in property and 75 jobs. Great efforts were made to save the building and the inventory inside.

    On behalf of Casey County Industrial Development Co. Inc. Board Directors, John M. Beard, Debra Ruth Beard, Billye Anne Hansford, Jerry King and myself and all it’s shareholders, we would like to thank all the different fire departments for their valiant efforts to save the structure.

  • Letters: Feb. 13

    Committee needed to redo fire districts
    I read Larry Rowell’s column about volunteer firemen, which brought back a “been there, done that” moment. He’s so right about all the out-of-pocket time and money these men and women unselfishly give. Having been injured as a volunteer firefighter, I can confirm the dangers to which he referred. Chances are the only gratitude one gets for a job well done comes from one’s peers. I saved two drowning victims with CPR and didn’t get so much as a thank you.

  • Letters: Feb. 6

    No more laws needed ‘to get folks sued’
    After reading Amanda Cole’s column on Jan. 23, “Are Dogs a Priceless Possession?” I agree this would be a bad law if passed. Being 80 years old and having a bum knee, I watch a lot of TV and there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t see lawyers on TV telling folks we need to sue someone. Therefore, I don’t believe we need to be passing more laws to get folks sued.