• Letter: Weapons permitted to ensure freedom

    I was recently accused of having left unanswered the letter of a supposed gun owner who wishes to change the Constitution.
    The tenor of legal opinions seems to be that if we are not satisifed with what the framers of the Constitution included, we just interpret it differently or we seek to change it by opinion.

  • Letter: What have we learned in 2,064 years?

    The Roman soldier, statesman, and greatest Roman orator, Cicero (106 BC — 43 BC) has been quoted throughout the ages. The subject was an email from my daughter that teaches in a private school in Houston, Texas. It originated with a Mr. John Barns in 2010, probably a historian from Houston also.
    Subject: What have we learned in 2064 years?

  • Letter: Forget the beef, where’s the fat?

    In answer to Larry Rowell’s “Fat’s where it’s at” (Feb. 9 issue), one thing’s for sure, it’s not in the meat.
    I have always liked pork chops, sausage and steak, as I think most do. There used to be a saying, “Where’s the beef?” Now my question is “Where’s the fat?”
    My taste buds tell me when you remove too much fat you remove too much taste. To me pork chops or steak without a few fat streaks running through the lean meat aren’t worth fixing.

  • Letter: Make the picture fit the TV screen

    I would like your readers’ thoughts on wide screen television shows. I have a certain size T.V. and I want to see a full screen.
    I’m watching a game on Fox and can’t read the score and the announcer says the black spaces on top and bottom of the screen are “a good thing.” Fox wants more money from cable companies and I want Fox to give me my picture back.

  • Letter: Legislators should give up own insurance

    Why do the Republicans and the three Democrats who voted in Congress Jan. 19 to repeal the 2010 healthcare bill that helps so many ordinary Americans refuse to give up their federal medical insurance?

  • Letter: Law regarding immigration ‘stupid’

    I read Larry Rowell’s piece in the Casey County paper (Jan. 12 “Immigration still a hot topic”).
    You said how much money was spent on school and medically on their kids. OK. How many drive without operators permits?
    I will agree that it is true how much money is spent on kids that are of this country, medically, that their family don’t even work. How many of our own kind drive up and down the road every day with no permit or insurance?

  • Letter: Disagrees with stance on gun control

    This is being written in response to the guest editorial in the Jan. 26 edition of the Casey News. With all due respect to Mr. Coffman, I don’t agree with what he has written.
    Here are a few points I would like to make.
    —The Bill of Rights is for all Americans. No state or local government can take these rights away. If that were the case then a state could, for example, make abortion illegal. They can’t because the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is a woman’s right. That’s not even in the Bill of Rights.

  • Letter: To call Carney’s bill ludicrous is ludicrous

    Larry Rowell’s article on Jan. 5, 2011 (Politicans introduce the craziest bills) asks what or whom has threatened to take away Kentuckians right to hunt and fish?
    Perhaps he has never heard of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A) or the Humane Society of the United States (H.S.U.S.). They have millions to spend lobbying and litigating against hunting and fishing.
    Thanks to those efforts and the elite media, a “right to hunt” ballot in Arizona recently failed. It could happen in Kentucky if people are not informed.

  • Letter: You can call a skunk a cat, but it still stinks

    We have a perfect solution to the garbage haulers’ franchise fee dilemna.
    We suggest Ronald Wright and the magistrates who came up with this outrageous and possibly unconstitutional fee, haul the garbage for just one week. After performing such arduous work, these gentlemen would probably decide our garbage haulers deserve to keep the money they work so hard to earn.
    Reducing an unfair fee from 5 percent to 2.5 percent does not make that fee suddenly fair.
    You can call a skunk a kitty cat, but it still stinks! Don’t reduce the fee, abolish it!

  • Letter: Technology makes things a lot easier

    My cousin Danny and I were at the Casey High game the other Friday. We were talking about, before the game started,  how things nowadays were different, especially the technological part, where they were taping the game, as we were sitting right behind the tech crew.
    The conversation turned from the game to how far technology has come in our time.