• Letter: Praise for doctors, therapists on good job

    Usually when things go wrong, everyone wants to tell the whole world about it. But when everything goes right you don’t hear about it. This article is different.
    On Jan. 11, 2011, Dr. Lukins checked me into the Ephraim McDowell hospital for knee replacement surgery. Everyone on the third floor was doing everything they could do to make me as comfortable as possible.

  • Letter: Thanks for bringing fire dues to light

    Thank you for the story about our wonderful (and brave) volunteer fire departments (Feb. 23 issue). Only until I read in The Casey County News that there is a $25 membership fee did I realize that we had never received a notice about the fee in our nearly 10 years of living here! Nor did I even know which fire department was ours.
    I called the number in the phone book and discovered that our home had not been assigned to a fire department. That’s being handled, and I will gladly pay the $25 fee.

  • Letter: ‘Standing in the streets’ will make a change

    Over a year ago, I wrote a letter to the editor concerning how corrupt and “political” our government has become over the years, and I mentioned that our only alternative to getting it fixed would be to go to Washington and stand in the street until someone listened. Well, others in our world must feel the same way, because it is happening.

  • Letter: Support KET’s upcoming TeleFund

    I have been a volunteer at KET, Kentucky’s statewide public television system, since 2006. I volunteer my time there because, for years, my family and I have enjoyed the diverse, wonderful programming and services KET provides, and I want to take part in passing those things on to others in my community.

  • Letter: Cheerleaders made big impression

    I would like to congratulate the Casey County High School cheerleaders on their success being the first squad to receive the honor of placing second runner-up in the state competition last Saturday. They worked very hard and put in a vast amount of time practicing. They did an outstanding job!

  • Letter: Appalled over man walking on charges

    In the Feb. 16 issue of The Casey County News, I read that in Campbellsville, Judge Dan Kelly granted probation with treatment to a man accused of sodomizing a 6-year-old girl.
    Can you imagine the terror, pain and humiliation this child must have endured, then to be told that she doesn’t matter as the perpetrator walks out of the court a free man? He is also ordered to leave the area, which frees him to find a new victim somewhere else. I’m appalled!
    Jean Ellis

  • Letter: Government, doctors cause paranoia

    I read Mr. (Bob) Ellis’ letter to the editor in the Feb. 16 edition of this paper and agree with him totally.
    The government has been telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, drink, or smoke for a while now. George Orwell was right, but off, in  his predication of “Big Brother” taking over in his book 1984 (a little off in years but right none the less.)

  • Letter: Tired of no excuse for high electric bills

    I was wondering if I am the only person getting such high electric bills for the last three or four months?
    The bill I recieved in December for the month of November was around $140, but the bill in January for December was about $216. Both was for 29 days. That was a $76 increase.
    Their excuse was our Christmas lights and holiday baking and cooking. Well, I did not have one light up and no Christmas tree was up either. As for the baking and cooking we spent the holidays away from home and did no cooking or baking.

  • Letter: Weapons permitted to ensure freedom

    I was recently accused of having left unanswered the letter of a supposed gun owner who wishes to change the Constitution.
    The tenor of legal opinions seems to be that if we are not satisifed with what the framers of the Constitution included, we just interpret it differently or we seek to change it by opinion.

  • Letter: What have we learned in 2,064 years?

    The Roman soldier, statesman, and greatest Roman orator, Cicero (106 BC — 43 BC) has been quoted throughout the ages. The subject was an email from my daughter that teaches in a private school in Houston, Texas. It originated with a Mr. John Barns in 2010, probably a historian from Houston also.
    Subject: What have we learned in 2064 years?