• Help in time of trouble much appreciated

    I am writing this letter to tell you about some top shelf citizens living here in Casey County.
    I recently got a phone call from my niece in Ohio, that my brother and his wife, her parents, were in a horrific accident somewhere near here. I was not aware and I went to the courthouse to see what I could find out.
    The accident was elsewhere but a lady informed me it had just happened but no one had been taken anywhere yet.
    Meanwhile my friends at the Gathering Place made calls for me and tried effortlessly to find out the situation.

  • Junior Golf tournament a huge success

    Organizers of the Hickory Hills Country Club Junior Golf Tournament want to express our sincere appreciation to those businesses who helped support the young golfers in our community.  
    Through the financial contributions of these local businesses each of the golfers received a golf towel and goodie bag, as well as food and drinks. Winner and runner-up trophies, along with special prizes for fewest putts, longest drives, and closest to the pin were awarded in each age group.  

  • Nickel had buying power in days gone by

    Donna Carman’s “What’s 75 cents worth” (column of July 13) got me thinking about small change of those thrilling days of yesteryear. Back then 75 cents would buy quite a bit.
    I remember one December, must have been ’44 or ’45, I would have been 12 or 13. My father gave me 50 cents. That was the most money I had ever had.
    Back then there were three of us kids, me and my two sisters. I wanted to buy something we could enjoy together.

  • Domestic violence laws need to be rebuilt

    Women are not possessions. Cars and houses are possessions. If someone was to take your car from you and drive it around and you wasn’t allowed to have it back, you’d be outraged and with a good reason for it.
    Women, on the other hand, are not property. You cannot force them to love you or think of them as yours to control. They are human beings with hearts, feelings, fears, and rights.
    No woman should be afraid in her own home. Children should never fear for their mother’s safety and no man should ever run his home in such a manner.

  • Disappointed old church was torn down

    As a descendent of John W. Baldock, who donated the land for Baldock Chapel in Evona, I was saddened to learn that the chapel was recently torn down.  

  • National health care is needed

    Larry Rowell’s article dated July 13, 2011, entitled, “Press 3 to get the third grader explanation” is the very reason that I want national health care.
    We pay for health insurance. Then we get to pay an additional 10 to 20 percent if we use it, plus whatever else they can slip in as not being covered.
    I served in the Army from 1967-70. If we felt sick we went to sick bay. We were diagnosed and treated. If we required hospitalization, that too was provided. We were never billed for medical expenses. This was true national health care.

  • Agree on common sense and experience

    I agree with most of Mr. Haggard’s letter in the July 20 edition, but to call someone that would harm a child a Christian is totally wrong. Those men were not a child of God. They were children of the devil. Matthew 7:15 speaks of this.
    I totally agree with Mr. Haggard, common sense and experience is a good teacher.
    I lived outside Christianity for 52 years of my life. I became a Christian 25 ½ years ago so I have experience in both places.

  • Library is wonderful community resource

    I really enjoyed the outstanding Harry Potter show put on by the staff at the Casey County Library July 9. They really wowed everyone young and “old.” The decorations, posters, and costumes were highly imaginative, and really got the crowd motivated.
    There were lots of Harry Potter games, with all the contestants assigned to various Potter houses, vying for a host of prizes that led to some spirited competitions. Many of the teens, and younger contestants, showed an unbelievable knowledge of Harry Potter trivia!

  • Thanks for help on sports physical night

    The Casey County High School Athletic Department would like to thank all the medical professionals who donated time from their busy schedules on July 11 to make our third annual Free Physical Night for our student-athletes a success. Their service and dedication to our young people is second to none.
    Victor Black, Athletic Director
    Casey County High School

  • Common sense comes through experience

    Just to follow up on my last letter concerning what we can and can’t do. If it sounded stupid to you it  was successful, I expect repercussions too!
    The ACLU says you can’t spank your children because it shows them violence is the way to pay for being disobedient. They also ruled that kids have the right to play video games that show peple being shot, heads blown off, etc., for no apparent reason!
    I have no qualms with people who exercise rights that harm no one.