• Wells is/was a hard-working ‘hoot’

    We are sorry to hear about the eventual death of Miss Joberta Wells and would like to know where we might (eventually) send flowers or donations in her name. (Wells’ column of Sept. 14, 2011.)
    We would also like to add to her obituary that she is/was loyal to her beloved county and its culture, a good friend to animals and people alike, a hard-working “hoot,” and an occasional crank (which is a nicer way of saying “pain in the buttoozy”).

  • Shame on paper for meth article

    I was so mad when I read the Casey paper this week (Sept. 14, 2011 issue). Do you all not have more important things to write about than telling our kids how to make meth!
    I know I am not the only person in Casey that did not know how to make meth. I do now, so does every kid that can read. The free paper went to every home. Shame.
    Ruth Wesley

  • Put money where mouth is on health care

    I read the guest editorial about providing health care for everyone (Kevin Williams Aug. 24, 2011 issue).
    Those proponents of free health care should visit the vacated Native American hospitals in the southwest that went bankrupt when illegal aliens learned they could have their babies free of charge. Now, Native Americans are without the services they once had. By the way, no hospital can refuse treatment based on inability to pay.

  • Say, what was that name again, mister?

    We are known by names, there’s so many,
    Wesleys and Thompsons, Simpsons and Dennys,
    Randalls and Randolphs, Wilhams and Buis,
    Taylors, the Campbells, Elmores and Rice.

    Youngs and Elliotts, Waters and Sims,
    The Wilson, Colemans, Estes and Mims,
    Watson and Bailey, Rayborn and Short,
    Cooper and Bastin, Martin and York.

    Carman and Burkhard, Streeval and White
    Wethington, Richards, McQueary and Dykes,
    Williams and Raney, Cundiff and Brown

  • McConnell not serving ‘ordinary folks’

    Although McConnell “dropped in” it was obvious from the news coverage and from attendance that Sen. McConnell spoke on behalf of singularly business owners (and large ones, at that).  Apparently the Senator does not realize that there are far more ordinary folks here in Casey County and elsewhere than owners of large corporations.  
    Ordinary folks care about jobs that pay a living wage, unlike “right to work” states where if you are hard up enough to have to work for a couple of bucks an hour then that is what you will get paid.  

  • Finding humor in McConnell’s comments

    I found a little humor in the Aug. 31 headline “McConnell Drops In.” According to the article, “McConnell said the reason for the country’s poor economy has to do with a federal government that over spends, over borrows and over regulates business, thus keeping them from expanding.”
    The legislative branch of our government, which is made up of the House and Senate, is part of the federal government. It makes the laws of the land. Does anyone see the humor?

  • Liberty High School alum invited to reunion

    A Liberty High School reunion will be held Oct. 15 at noon at the AG/EXPO Pork Producers building. Anyone who attended Liberty High School is invited.
    No reservations required, dress casual. Lunch provided. Donations accepted.
    Contact Delores Pinkerton, 606-787-5758; Nancy Bastin, 606-787-4435; or e-mail nbporter@windstream.net.
    Nancy Porter

  • Treatments, but no cure, for encephalitis

    A beautiful young lady’s life was taken recently from complications from encephalitis. My heart goes out to all of those people who knew and loved her.
    This letter is to shine a light on the subject I know all too well about. There are treatments, but no cure for this illness.
    I know about this because I, too, have been stricken with encephalitis. I am writing this in hopes somebody benefits from it.

  • Looking for info on anti-war march

    I would like to publicly express my most sincere gratitude and thanks to the staff of the Casey County Public Library for their assistance during recent research for my master’s thesis work I am completing this semester at the University of Louisville. The library staff was extremely helpful and accommodating through all phases of my work.
    I would also like to solicit information from The Casey County News readership. My current work focuses on The Casey County News’ reporting of the Vietnam War and the general social issues of the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Beautiful Casey scenes are treat for the eye

    I enjoy God’s creation. I don’t know if others feel the same way, but we are blessed to live in such a beautiful part of God’s creation.
    Have you ever considered running a picture a week submitted by the citizens and/or visitors to highlight what they see as the most beautiful part of the county?