• Endorses Johnson for Secretary of State

    Seldom do we get to vote for someone with a connection to Casey County. This year we can vote for Bill Johnson for Secretary of State. He is the son-in-law of Marvin and Imo Jane Douglas. She has been a business school teacher to two or three generations of Casey Countians.
    From what I have read and heard about Mr. Johnson, he is a fine young man with lots of experience in the business world. He is a Navy veteran, an engineer, and math teacher. He wants everyone to vote who is entitled to vote — only once and not from the graveyard, unlike his opponent.

  • Thinks Gov. Beshear doing a good job

    As a retired Navy veteran, I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Gov. Beshear for re-election.
    He and his lieuntenant governor candidate are themselves veterans. I was honored when I saw him visiting our Kentucky warriors on the battlefield of Iraq. In 1966-67 when I was in Vietnam fighting for our country, it would have been an honor to receive a visit from a Kentucky official.

  • Thanks for support during Apple Festival

    The Friends of Education and the CCHS Basketball Boosters would like to thank everyone for their dedication to our programs by their recent support during the Apple Festival.   Both programs depend on this fundraising event during the year.
    We would also like to thank the local businessmen that opened the doors to their buildings for storage and use.
    Last, but not least, we would like to thank all the parents and Friends’ board members that gave of their time to help work the booth. Without your help it would be very difficult.

  • Grimes is right choice for Secretary of State

    About a month ago I went to listen to a speech given by candidate for Secretary of State Allison Lundergan-Grimes and was most impressed with her  presentation. Allison is a very personable young woman with a good grasp of politics and the needs of the people of Kentucky. She is running on a  
    platform to recruit employers and small businesses to come to Kentucky in order to grow our economy and create more jobs. Additionally she plans on simplifying the registration process for small businesses.

  • Relay chili cook-off was big success

    Thank you to those who participated in the Relay For Life of Casey County chili lunch and chili cook-off last Friday.  We raised over $1,000.  This gives us an excellent start for our 2012 event.
    If you are a returning team or want to join us for the first time, registration is free through the end of October.  Please visit www.relayforlife.org/casey to register or learn more about our event or www.cancer.org for more information about Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society and how we can help you.

  • We absolutely have the right to complain

    I’ve wanted to say this for many years so now here goes: Those of you who say, “If you don’t vote you don’t have a right to complain.” That’s a stupid statement on several accounts. If you see reason to, you have absolutely the right to.
    The world is a mess locally as well as nationally. Why is that? It’s the people you vote into office and that’s because of the poor choices you have.
    Your small town America votes people in because they are nice people. Most towns vote one party and one party only.

  • Too many government run programs

    I like the heading of Mr. (Kevin) Williams letter of Oct. 12, 2011.
    You have to give mercy to receive mercy. On this point me and Mr. Williams agree but I believe we have too many government run programs that we cannot afford because we just do not have the money to pay for said programs. And this is why we have a national debt that is out of control.
    I believe we need to start thinking of our grandchildren and therefore show mercy to them instead of thinking of self because they will be paying our debt.

  • Local gas prices higher, not lower

    As to gas prices, the letter writer last week commended Liberty gas stations for being cheaper than surrounding towns, including Danville. I disagree.
    I have never found Junction City/Danville gas prices higher than in Liberty. They are always a few cents to 20 cents lower in the Danville area.
    For instance, on Sunday, Oct. 23, prices in Liberty were $3.45; in Junction City, $3.25 — a difference of 20 cents.
    Mae Thompson

  • Praise for local gas station owners

    I just want to say thank you to the gas station owners around Liberty. They are consistently priced lower than most area towns, including Russell Springs, Columbia, Danville and Lexington.  We seem to always be well below the national average for gas prices.
    Even though the prices within our community vary, it’s good to know that I can usually wait till I get close to home to get a good deal on gas. It means a lot when so many of us are pinching pennies more than ever before.
    Anne Streeter

  • Wikileak more reliable than most papers

    If newspapers are still the most trusted source of information, why is the New York Times nearly bankrupt and cutting back its newsroom staff?
    If people still get their news from the major media, then why are the L.A. Times and the Washington Post in serious financial assistance?
    The fact of the matter is that most recent surveys and polls show people are getting most of their news from the Internet or television. I mean reliable television, not the left wingers from NPR and PBS that shape our political campaigns with their slanted bias.