• Support the Casey Honor Guard

    Dear editor,

    The Casey County Veterans Honor Guard has been raising funds to purchase a van to transport their unit to perform their duties.

    The Masonic Lodges of Casey County are having a fundraiser to support their cause.

    A breakfast will be held at Craftsman Masonic Lodge from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday March 31. The meal will be all you can eat of ham, sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy for $5.

    The location of the lodge is behind McKinney-Brown Funeral Home. Everyone is invited especially all veterans and their families.

  • Support Weddle for sheriff

    To the Editor, The Casey County News:

    In a few months we will be voting to elect a new Casey County Sheriff.

    This will be a very important choice to make. Unfortunately the law does not require the candidates to have previous experience in the office or be a resident of the county for which they are running. I realize that most likely the six candidates are family men with good morals and well respected.

  • Supports increased cigarette tax

    Dear Editor,

    Many of our citizens have heard of efforts to support an increase in the cigarette tax. It was recently discussed in the state’s Health and Welfare Committee and there has been a bill introduced by Senator Stephen Meredith. I personally support a tax increase of at least $1 per pack on cigarettes sold in Kentucky, which will help reduce smoking and tobacco-related disease in Kentucky.

  • Thanks to road crews

    Thank you Bart Woodrum and County Road Dept. for your tremendous effort in the cleaning of the roads in northern Casey County during this winter!

    Sometimes it is easier to complain than to write a letter of gratitude, when a local government job is well done—well done under very difficult conditions and the promptness was awesome!

    Rat Durham


  • Support Kenny Patten for sheriff

    To the Editor:

    In the 28 years that I have lived in Casey County, I have never allowed anyone to place a sign on my property in support of his/her election—until now!

    I fully support Kenny Patten for the position of Casey County Sheriff. I have known Kenny for the past 28 years and know him to be, above all, a man of his word. He is a pillar of our County and will uphold this position in the highest honor for the citizens of our County.

  • Building an American Dream economy

    Building an American Dream economy

    To the Editor:

    I personally believe that the recession of a few years ago did not need to happen. I always wondered why companies needed to hide vase amounts of profits in offshore accounts. This is money that could have been reinvested in state of the art technologies that would have made us more competitive with other nations.

    We are the largest consumer nation in the world and, at the same time, we are also one of the largest debtor nations in the world.

  • Welding is not that easy

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to a comment made by the new conservation officer, Joel High, in a recent edition of The Casey County News.

    In the article, he was asked, “Why welding?” and his response was, “I went for something easy.”

    My husband has been in the welding industry in some for for almost 30 years, and I have many friends who are welders, and I feel safe in speaking for all of them by saying there is nothing “easy” about welding.

  • CCHS junior: Smoking affecting health and education

    I’m a junior at Casey County High School. I’ve always had issues with the use of tobacco at my school. During my freshman year there was dip in all the water fountains and spit all through the halls. Maybe I was too naïve to notice the smoking in the bathrooms then, but it seems as if it’s gotten much worse since then. I have lung conditions and inhaling smoke makes it extremely hard to breathe. This is a dilemma because there isn’t a bathroom in school that isn’t smoke-filled.

  • CCHS restrooms locked to prevent smoking

    It has come to my attention that Casey County High School has closed two of its three student restrooms. The reason given to the students was to stop students from smoking in them. As a result, it has become extremely difficult for students to be able to use the facilities. I have a daughter who attends CCHS. She has reported that lines to use the restroom are so long that either students must first go to their class and request permission to use the facilities (this permission is not always given), or choose to wait in line. This causes them to be reported as tardy.

  • Thanks for road work during winter storm

    I would like to thank our magistrate, Kenny Morgan, and his road crew for keeping our roads to where we could travel. I appreciate it very much.
    Marie Carman