• You listening to me?

    Have you ever found yourself in conversation with someone of opposite opinion and realized they aren’t actually listening to a single word you’re saying?
    It isn’t too hard to catch, especially if you’re someone like me who maintains a fairly consistent amount of eye contact when speaking to fellow human beings.

  • A legacy for a better community

    One of the many things that I absolutely love about being a newspaper reporter is getting to know people in the Casey County community.
    When people share their stories with me for the paper, it allows me a glimpse into their lives and their role in the community.
    A recent story that I wrote about Tony York and the outdoor sign ministry at First Baptist Church that he does each week in changing the messages on the sign is a good example.

  • Don’t quit, Steve Sweeney!

    There has already been a front-page story and an editorial about Steve Sweeney not seeking re-election as mayor but I had to jump on the bandwagon. Better late than never!
    Before I say what I have to say, remember this is an “opinion column” and, as I am wont to do, I will express my opinion, whether it is the same as everyone else’s or not. Steve Sweeney is the best mayor Liberty has ever had. I defy anyone to say differently.

  • I’m a ‘Boomerang Kid’

    It’s true. I am a 24-year-old college graduate and I live at home with my parents. Is this how I envisioned my young adult life?– no, it is not.
    During my early years of college I had grandiose expectations for this portion of my existence. This was supposed to be MY time to SHINE.
    I had planned on owning a fair amount of land, some cattle and maybe even working towards buying my own home by the age of 25.

  • No dog in this fight, or any other

    I truly love my job and I love working in Casey County. It’s necessary to have a thick skin because no matter what we carry for news in the paper, someone is going to be offended.
    That is especially true in the realm of politics.

  • I hate country music

    Now, now, before you take to the streets with your pitchforks and torches of fanhood fury, ready to storm the Casey News office, let me explain myself.
    I hate today’s country music – not all country music. And the simple fact of the matter is, what is being called country music today is more or less teeny-bop pop with a few banjo riffs in the background, or “bro-country.”
    For those of you who don’t know, “bro-country” is a new general term used for country music that is influenced by hip-hop, rock, and pop.

  • The men in my life

    I am an unclaimed treasure. Although I never married, I have always had lots of lovely men in my life. What brought all this on, you ask? I’m glad you asked.

  • How horses teach humans

    Growing up in Kentucky as the daughter of a horse trainer, I was exposed to an entire world of life lessons at a very young age.
    When I was 8 or 9, I began taking riding lessons at Robert Murphy’s Stables in Lexington.
    To pay for my lessons, I would help groom and saddle school-horses and assist the instructor during other lessons.
    After a while, my dad saw that I was dedicated and decided it was time to get my own pony.

  • A good time was had by all

    By all accounts, the downtown Liberty Fourth of July celebration was a rousing success and well attended by local residents and out of state folks.
    Especially impressive was the parade with all the motorcycles, muscle cars, and the grand marshals, Purple Heart recipients Earl Wilson, Jesse Wethington, Freddie Whited, Tony Emerson, and J. L. Coe.
    The kid’s parade was spectacular as there were about 25 entries, ranging from bicycle riders to kids dressed up in decorated Red Flyer wagons sporting patriotic themes.

  • Same old gender scenes

    I’ve never been much of a television junkie, but on occasion I enjoy watching a few shows here and there, especially if it is Grey’s Anatomy.
    My boyfriend, Alex, on the other hand, is particularly fond of the Do-it-Yourself channel. If it involves busting walls down with a sledgehammer or turning a wilting backyard into an elegant retreat, the show has his full attention.