• Finding a good time to make pies is a challenge

    By Gloria Yoder

    What an eventful day! Mom invited my two sister-in-laws and myself to her house for the day. Plans were to bake pies and do whatever other projects we wanted to bring along. Pies sounded like an impressive option to me, especially since I just don’t find as much time to work in the kitchen as I used to. But then, that’s okay; Daniel doesn’t expect me to reach around to everything I would like to do.

  • Mistletoe’s holiday kissing tradition has several roots has several roots

    By Jeneen Wiche

    I like the winter landscape because I can see past the green canvas of summer into neighboring fields where horses and sheep graze. I can see mistletoe everywhere, too, in the canopies of trees that line a spring-fed stream. Even in town, if you look up while you are sitting at a traffic light, I bet you’ll see some. It is there if you look into the canopies of trees devoid of their leafy-ness.

  • Turning to God in times of sorrow

    By William Holland

    One area of the vast unknown that has been the focus of speculation throughout the ages is why certain events happen that seem to be cruel and unfair. As a Christian minister and counselor, I am consistently either thinking, writing or being asked why tragedies happen when there is a God who can easily prevent them.

  • Healthy chocolate for Christmas projects?

    By Gloria Yoder

    How can it be that Christmas is actually just around the corner? It just seems unreal that Thanksgiving has already passed and Christmas preparations are in full swing almost every way you turn. While I tend to try to “slow time down”, (if there is such a thing,) my husband, Daniel is ever optimistically excited to see what is around the next bend of time, such as having the children grow up, seeing what God has in store for us for the next year, and such.

  • Greetings of the season

    By Joberta Wells

    All right, everybody get a grip!  It’s that time of year again when confusion about appropriate holiday greetings abound. You are allowed to shout out whichever greeting you choose. Personally, I say “Merry Christmas” to my Christian friends, “Happy Hanukkah” to my Jewish friends, and “Cheery Budweiser” to my atheist friends. I suppose I could just say “Happy Holidays” to everybody. What’s the big deal?

  • Higdon’s legislative update and look ahead toward issues in 2018

     By state Sen. Jimmy Higdon

    I would like to start this article by wishing each of you a Merry Christmas and thanking you for allowing me to serve as your State Senator. This year has flown by starting with a productive 2017 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, followed by a busy Interim break, new Senate Leadership elections, and talks of pension reform. Many of you have offered constructive feedback and opinions that I have taken to heart as we begin to craft legislation for the 2018 Budget Session.

  • Peak poinsettias

    By Jeneen Wiche

    It is time to start decorating for the holidays, which for many includes the poinsettia. The poinsettia has been a fixture in American homes as a holiday decoration for as long as most of us can remember. I think it is fair to say that it is considered the “official” Christmas flower.

    The poinsettia is native to Mexico and has been recognized for its beauty and function for centuries.

  • Bullying is a product of immaturity

    By Dr. William Holland

    As children, we only think about life on a surface level. Having fun, our toys, food and security are usually at the top of our priority list and this is normal. However, when we become older, we hopefully begin understanding things with a more mature perspective.

  • Making a lot of soup on a ‘chili’ winter’s day

    By Gloria Yoder

  • Be good this Christmas—or else

    By Dr. Angelia Bryant

    The question of the season is, “Have you been good in 2017 or have you been naughty?” Well most of us have been a little of both - dependent on the day and situation. What would happen if you got the legendary bundle of switches for being naughty? One Christmas Eve, when I was 6-years old, I got the naughty switches.