• October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Are you loved?

    By Dr. Angelia S. Bryant,

    Someone had the courage to Ask, “I have been married to a man who talks down to me for the last 5 years. During that time, he has called me every bad name possible. Then, after he calms down, he tells me he didn’t mean what he said. Still, it hurts me and, sometimes, I actually believe he is right about me. I’m not sure what to do.”

  • State pension problem stems from defined benefits system

    By Bob Martin
    Guest columnist

    There are two types of pension systems: the defined benefits program and the defined contributions program. It is telling that private employers totally abandoned defined benefits pensions in the 70s and 80s, while almost all public-sector employers still rely on defined benefits pensions. Private sector employers pay for pensions with their own money, while public-sector employers pay for pensions with someone else’s money.

  • Merit pay for teachers merits consideration

    By Jim Waters

    Hardin County Schools Superintendent Teresa Morgan at a recent town hall on public pensions bemoaned the fact that interest in vacant teaching positions has dropped in recent years from as many as 100 applicants per opening to as few as 10, with some openings in math and science-related fields nearly impossible to fill.

  • New feathers in Casey County’s cap

    Word came last week that three Casey County businesses had won state-wide awards for the quality of their products. And, the Casey County Apple Festival picked up the best non-musical festival award in the state.
    I think that’s pretty remarkable for our county to receive four honors like this and be reported in Kentucky Living magazine, which reaches 1.2 million readers in about 500,000 homes across the Commonwealth.

  • Thanks for the happy start, Casey County

    There is no easy way to tell the people of Casey County that this will be my last and final column for The Casey County News.
    For almost exactly one year, I have sat down each week at my computer with a blank document staring back at me and reflected on things that have happened to me in the past, things that affect the Casey community, and ways to share my various opinions with all of you.

  • Is this loving? Is this compassionate?

    Facebook has an interesting way of revealing the reactions of other people. I often watch the comments of other people on deeply emotional stories and subjects, in an effort to grasp how someone comes to feel the way that they do about something.
    On Thursday, a Casey County man shot and killed himself after being chased by the police and immediately, people took to our Facebook to express their condolences as well as their harsh criticisms of the man’s character.

  • ‘And a little child shall lead them’

    It’s almost a daily occurrence that someone has tweeted something on Twitter or posted words that either inflame or attack another person.
    News came recently that Bloomsburg University sophomore first baseman Joey Casselberry was thrown off the team because of a highly offensive tweet that went viral, meaning virtually all over the world.
    Remember Mo’ne Davis, the sensational 13-year-old female pitcher who led her team to the Little League World Series?

  • The irony of mandatory voting in America

    In America, the words mandatory and voting uttered in the same sentence is beyond ironic.
    Nonetheless, in a recent CNN article, our president is quoted saying mandatory voting could be “transformative” and would help to “counteract campaign money more than anything.”
    I can agree with the president’s premise that there is far too much money involved in our election process, often drowning out the middle-to-low income voters who do show up to the polls.

  • Spring is here, can I get an amen?

    One of the many things I love about being “from off” and not having grown up here are the four seasons we get to enjoy in this beautiful state.
    Having been raised in south Georgia, we had two seasons, hot and hotter. I remember playing outside on Christmas day in shorts when I was a kid.
    Now that spring’s here, we can all once again enjoy a drive in the car with the windows down, smelling the sweetness of the season.
    Smells delight the senses and one for me, even from my youth, is the fragrance of freshly mowed grass.

  • Voice of the Turtle

    Are you as sick of winter and the snow and the ice and the freezing temperatures as I am? I suspect you are.
    Well, I have good news. Spring officially arrives the day after tomorrow, March 20. The vernal equinox occurs at 6:45 p.m. on that day. Hallelujah!