• Local SBDM councils empower local schools

    By Ronda Harmon

    Kentucky Association of School Councils

    The hard-working principals, teachers, and parents who come together to lead our schools have grown accustomed to being asked to produce improved results with limited resources.

    This year, however, that more-with-less challenge looks to be more daunting than ever. It’s going to take everyone in the school and district community doing their part to address drastic state budget cuts.

  • Kentucky reports flu activity now epidemic

    Kentucky Department for Public Health

  • Helicopter crew assists elk capture, relocation efforts

    Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Reforming Medicaid, tweaking elections and overcoming evil

    Past expanded government programs, present evil and future gubernatorial elections highlight this first 2018 edition of “Liberty Boosters and Busters.”

    Liberty Boosters: President Trump for allowing states waivers to create work requirements for able-bodied adults added to Medicaid as part of Obamacare, and Gov. Matt Bevin for ensuring Kentucky was first in line for approval.

    Progressives are taking legal action, claiming such requirements weren’t part of the 1965 law creating Medicaid.

  • Victims’ rights is first 2018 bill approved by General Assembly

    Kentucky Legislature

    The first bill passed by both chambers of the General Assembly this year is a measure that will allow voters to decide on a “bill of rights” for crime victims.

    Senate Bill 3, more commonly known as Marsy’s Law, proposes adding a section to the Kentucky Constitution to give crime victims constitutional rights similar to those afforded to the convicted or accused.

  • Too rich for my pocketbook

    By Joberta Wells

    “Are you freakin’ kidding me?” I shouted from atop my plain old ordinary toilet seat.

  • A million-dollar talk goes great with baking cookies

    By Gloria Yoder

    I like goals and the New Year is a great time to plan some. Having a goal, then reaching it has a satisfaction all its own. My husband, Daniel, is the same way. He likes knowing what he’s aiming for, and reaching his mark and perhaps even outdoing his last time of tackling the a similar task. Here’s my question: how is it possible to have all these goals to spur us on, yet not become discouraged if they can’t be reached?

  • Higdon updates on 2018 legislative session

    Sen. Jimmy Higdon

  • Have no friends? You can always rent one

    By Roger Alford

    Three co-workers were getting to know each other over lunch when they started sharing secrets about their character flaws.

    The first one said he sneaks off to a storage room every day in the early afternoon to take a nap without the boss ever knowing.

    The second one said he found a way to steal candy bars from the breakroom vending machines when no one’s looking.

    Both then turned to the third one and said: “What about you? Do you have any character flaws?”

  • Hot chocolate warms both your heart and your mugs

    By Gloria Yoder

    Everyday life at our household continues to be quite eventful with our four little ones! Some days flow smoothly with me even getting a chance to sew a couple stitches on a dress or do some mending, while at other times I wonder if I really get anything done or have the needed management skills to care for these darlings. Recently I made the comment to Daniel, “The only thing I got done this forenoon is a little bit of laundry!”