• Legislature looking at health care

    By Rep. Daniel Elliott

    This week in Frankfort marked the halfway point of the 2018 Legislative Session. Kentucky is a robust state, with many incredibly good traits, and some serious issues still to tackle. Every two years in Frankfort, the Legislature is charged with crafting a budget to fund important government programs like education, health care, and transportation, just to name a few. Every two years, Kentuckians descend on Frankfort to make the case for funding certain programs, and this year is certainly no different.

  • State senate addresses local taxation, budget

    By Sen. Jimmy Higdon

    We have reached the halfway point of the 2018 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, and we on our way to having a pension reform bill filed. We are confident that the pension proposal will reflect a significant amount of changes as a result of the feedback you, our constituents, have offered on this important subject. We also continued our work on the state budget and road plan and passed a number of bills this week.

  • Scientists make progress on research to hopefully cure cancer

    By William Holland 

    I was listening to an interesting conversation the other day by a man named Jay Walker, a visionary that researches cutting-edge medical advancements.

  • Thinking of motherhood while making lasagna

    By Gloria Yoder

    The last couple days I’ve been becoming keenly aware of the reality that not too much time will be elapsing until the arrival of our precious little one.

    Along with that my mind is trying to size up what I can do to make things flow as smoothly as possible during the time that I will have to step back and have others do my house work. Menus, weekly cleaning, laundry, little ones to feed and care for—the list goes on.

    “Will we manage everything smoothly?” I ask myself once more.

  • Alpine skiing is my sport

    By Joberta Wells

    Those of you who know me well know that I am an accomplished athlete. I mastered jumping rope, including Double Dutch, when I was in grade school. I was also a master of hide and seek, jacks, Red Rover, and other such classical sports. 

  • Protecting students in Kentucky

    By Mitch McConnell 

    Last December, Bernie Sanders, a liberal Senator from Vermont, led every single Senate Democrat to impose an endowment tax of around $1 million per year on Berea College.

  • Learning lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic

    By Stuart W. Sanders

    Kentucky Historical Society

    One afternoon in May 1918, my 12-year-old grandfather was walking home from school in Louisville when he encountered a man from his neighborhod.

    Run home fast, the man said, your father’s dead.

    With this abrupt message, my grandfather sprinted home, tears streaming down his face. His father had died from “edema of the lungs,” which was brought about by complications from influenza.

  • Get ready—spring gardening season is just around the corner

    David Kessler

    Marion Co. Agricultural and Natural Resources Agent

    Nothing says we are getting closer to spring than the volume of seed and plant catalogs that are showing up in my mailbox. Warm weather can’t be too far away! Before you know it will be time to start the garden.

    Much of the work of the garden needs to happen before you even break the soil. Before you dig in, it’s important to choose the proper site, plan what you will be growing, and prepare the soil to yield the best possible results.

  • Ways to extend winter hay supplies

    By David Kessler

    Marion Co. Agricultural & Natural Resources Agent

    Over the past week or so I have heard a few farmers saying they are concerned about whether their hay supplies will last through the winter. I don’t think this is a widespread problem, but if you find yourself in a tight supply situation you can do a number of things to extend your hay supply.

  • Patience, honey, and whole wheat bread

    By Gloria Yoder