Today's News

  • Julia picks crinkle cookies as the recipe of the week

    By Gloria Yoder

    The house is relatively quiet with several of the children taking naps and Elijah sleeping on my lap.

    Life certainly has been interesting these days. Elijah is slowly leaving his baby newborn stage, which almost makes me sad, yet it’s such a blessing to see him healthy and growing! He certainly is a plump little one now and still has his mop of dark brown hair. We thoroughly enjoy his sweet smiles as well as the cooing he just started with.

  • Circuit Court News April 11

    Larry Richard Hogue pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance first degree, tampering with physical evidence, resisting arrest, drug paraphernalia buy/possession, and public intoxication of a controlled substance. He will be sentenced on May 14.

    William Dean Brown pleaded not guilty to driving a motor vehicle while license suspended for DUI, fleeing or evading police first degree, no/expired registration plates, failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance, resisting arrest, and menacing. His pretrial hearing is scheduled for April 23.

  • District Court News April 11

    James R. Curtsinger pleaded not guilty to assault fourth degree domestic violence no visible injury. His case has been continued for six months and will be dismissed in six month if there is no further violation of law.

    Samantha Bevers pleaded not guilty to assault fourth degree domestic violence no visible injury. Her case will be dismissed in six month if there is no further violation of law.

  • Police News April 11

    March 29

    Joshua Trent Roy, 36, of Liberty was arrested for misdemeanor Alcohol intoxication in a public place first and second offense. Officers received a call about three males causing a disturbance in the Liberty Manor parking lot, when officers arrived Roy was carrying a baseball bat and stated he was about to fight the other subjects. Roy admitted to drinking earlier in the day.

    March 30

  • I stand for teachers

    By Joberta Wells 

    If you haven’t been following the news about our teachers’ standing up to the governor and legislators in recent weeks, you have been in a coma or on Mars!

    How would you like it if you were told that the promises made about the pension you would get after years of teaching were not going to be honored? You’d be angry and so are the teachers. 

  • What can we do to prevent school shootings?

    By Melissa Martin

    The same questions are asked after each mass shooting on American soil. Shock. Panic. Horror. We struggle with strife and strain to search for answers to keep our children and citizens safe from mass shooters. Fear that it will happen again, catapults us to grasp at methods and means to prevent carnages of bloodshed—incomprehensible atrocities to civilization.

  • Kentucky’s children are winners in the new state budget

    By Dr. Terry Brooks

    Kentucky Youth Advocates

    In the best of times, crafting a budget is a complicated and difficult challenge. In these times of fiscal constraints, growing needs, and a less than certain economic future, crafting a budget is about making the toughest of decisions.

    As we think about the proposed budget and Kentucky’s kids, and given the tight budget constraints, it is important to highlight the wins.

  • Veterans ask for apology for lies about service


    Veterans from Casey County are asking for a public apology from Daniel Clay Cheatham, of Liberty, for lies about serving with the military in Afghanistan.

    They say this is a case of “Stolen Valor.”

    A website run by Ambrosia Wellness, which was formerly located in Liberty but is now in Danville, had a biography for Cheatham.

  • Happy birthday, J.P.!
  • 45th Anniversary