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  • Out of the Past: 051116

    10 YEARS AGO
    Week of May 10, 2006

    Gov. Ernie Fletcher signed a ceremonial copy of House Bill 151 at Casey County High School. The bill required parental permission for underage teens to use tanning beds.
    Michael Loy, Raymond Overstreet, and Judy Vance were running for the office of district judge.
    The primary election was near. Voters would select party nominees and office-holders from among 68 candidates.
    Fifty high school students were expected to attend a weekend rodeo.

  • Contest winners from the 2011 Casey County Fair

    Beef Show
    Angus — Female    
    Senior Calf — First, Codee Guffey; second, Maggie Jasper; third, Kristen Fristoe; fourth, Lauren Moss.
    Summer Yearling — First, Maggie Jasper; second, Maggie Jasper; third, Cass Foley; fourth, Rob Clark/Taylor Graves.         
    Late Junior Yearling — First, Megan Cole; second, Maggie Jasper; third, Rob Clark/Taylor Graves.
    Early Junior Yearling — First, Maggie Jasper; second, Josh Jasper; third, Kayla Reynolds.