Thanks to Liberty Elementary staff, students

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On Dec. 5, I had the privilege of speaking before the fourth and fifth grades of Liberty Elementary. First, I would like to graciously thank Mrs. Tammy Spears for her invitation and to include in that thanks the principal and his staff for making me feel most welcome.
First and foremost I want to thank the children of the fourth and fifth grades who listened to what I had to say, asked intelligent and decisive questions, and were a truly wonderful audience. I was most impressed with their adult behavior which reflects admirably upon the school. Not once did I see a single child not interested in my talk. Not once did I see any misbehavior of any kind. They are a credit to Casey County, to Liberty, to Liberty Elementary and to their parents. I am proud of each and every one of them.
And children, I want you to know that I placed your signed cards in my scrapbook where I can review them from time to time and recall the wonderful experience of meeting all of you. I pray for you children that we adults will leave this nation a better place for you to live in and that you will not have to pay for the errors we oldsters have made.
Russell A. Vassallo