School district to test One Call system on Thursday

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By Larry Rowell

The Casey County School Board will test its new “One Call” telephone notification system tomorrow (Thursday) at 7 p.m.

Parents of more than 2,400 students, as well as 500 staff members, will receive the calls.

The notification system, adopted by the board in June, allows authorized school personnel to contact the entire district or small “subgroups” of students, teachers, or other staff to send a message.

The system can be used to quickly contact students, parents and personnel in the event of everything from an emergency or severe weather to a newly-scheduled basketball practice or a long-term homework assignment, according to Kevin Stephens, Director of Pupil Personnel.

The system also calls the homes of students who are absent, thus helping to deal with truancy issues, Stephens said.

To use the system, authorized personnel dial a toll-free number in Troy, Ohio, enter a code and record a message to a subgroup or the entire district, he said.

The system would allow the district to call the homes or cell phones of students, parents, or personnel.

The calls, which go out in four minutes, have built-in caller identification so that the recipient knows the school district is calling and will redial in the event of an unanswered call.

Parents can enter up to six numbers in the system, said Casey County Superintendent, Linda Hatter.

Hatter said that while she hoped parents would participate in the One Call system, they are not obligated to do so. They can opt out by contacting the child’s school.

She asked that parents call the school where their child attends as soon as possible to give the home, work and cell phone numbers they want contacted by the notification system.

Some of the numbers the schools now have may be old or were entered wrong into the system, Hatter said.

In the event a parent doesn’t receive a call, Stephens asked that parents call these numbers:

Liberty ee* 787-6961

Jones Park ee* 787-1217

Walnut Hill ee* 787-0045

Casey Middle ee* 787-6769

Casey High ee* 787-6151