Owners’ great-granddaughter the inspiration for Kaleigha’s

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By Abigail Whitehouse

Good food, good prices, and a great atmophere are just a few things Bill and Roswitha Callinan, owners of Kaleigha’s Country Dining, said that their restaurant has to offer.
“There aren’t a lot of places like it,” Bill said. “You don’t have the rush of cars, traffic and horns honking out here. You can sit in the quiet countryside and enjoy your meal in peace.”
Nestled quietly on South Fork Creek Road at the former Wagon Trail location, Kaleigha’s offers a laid back environment where family and friends can sit outside, enjoy their meal, and watch the horse and buggies trotting down the road.
Kaleigha, Bill and Roswitha’s 2-year-old great-granddaughter, is the inspiration behind the newly opened restaurant.
The Callinans had planned for an early retirement but after gaining custody of Kaleigha, they realized that Kaleigha’s future was in their hands and they wanted to do as much as they could for her and her education.
“We’re not getting any younger,” Callinan said, “and my wife really wanted to get back in the restaurant business.”
Roswitha has suffered from a heart attack, open heart surgery, and kidney cancer. When she told Bill she wanted to get back in the business, he was skeptical, but he realized it was what she wanted and it was the best way to insure Kaleigha’s future.
“This is my baby,” Roswitha said.
All meals at Kaleigha’s Country Dining are cooked to order. While waiting for your fresh meal, you can partake in a game of horseshoes or enjoy the scenic environment around you.
The hand-dipped ice cream at Kaleigha’s is a huge hit, especially among the kids ages 10 and under, who  get an ice cream cone free of charge.
“Kaleigha likes to lead the neighbor kids over to get their free ice cream,” Callinan said.
According to Callinan, his favorite dish at Kaleigha’s is the club sandwich, paired with a large chocolate milk shake.
“It’s worth dying for,” he said. “I’ve probably gained 10 pounds in the last three weeks because I’ve had a club sandwich and a chocolate shake every day since we opened.”
Callinan is not the only fan of Kaleigha’s chocolate flavors. Rosey Vaught, who helps her mother Roswitha in the kitchen, also loves it.
“It’s been so hot, all I’ve wanted to eat is chocolate ice cream,” Vaught said laughing.
With big burger buns and meat hanging over the edges, Callinan said you’ll have no trouble filling up at Kaleigha’s Country Dining.
“We’ve got big five-inch burger buns,” Callinan said, “and you don’t have to look for the meat.”
Along with sandwiches, salads, and alternating daily specials, Kaleigha’s Country Dining offers Catfish Fridays, a weekly special consisting of catfish, fries, hushpuppies, and coleslaw.
Sherilyn Smith, of Liberty, helps out in the kitchen and said the catfish dinner is by far her favorite meal.
“It’s it’s Friday and they have catfish, that’s what I’m eating.” Smith said.
Callinan said there are quite a few catfish eaters in Casey County.
“It certainly is a favorite so far,” he said.
Kaleigha’s Country Dining is located at 725 South Fork Creek Road and is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Kaleigha’s offers dine in or take out meals and can be reached at 606-787-6420.