Liberty seeking to expand water supply

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By Zach Johnson

After telling those in attendance at last January’s Central Kentucky AG/EXPO Center meeting about the cities need for a reservoir, Liberty’s Mayor Steven Brown might get his request, as the City of Liberty has applied for a grant that would expand its water supply.

They are seeking to do this in two phases; in the first phase there would be a construction of a supplemental auxiliary intake on Green River for short-term drought relief. The supplemental intake would be used to refill the lake after rain events.

Also in phase one of the project, would be the construction of a new supplemental reservoir as a long-term drought solution. Lake Liberty, which is the current water supply for Liberty, has been vulnerable to extended periods of major drought. While major drought hasn’t been an issue for the city since the summer of 2008, Brown says that it is important “to get out in front of the issue” before the city has another major drought.

In the second phase of the project, a dam would be constructed on Moccasin Creek that would provide further help in expanding Liberty’s water supply.

Brown says that the goal of this project is to help the city become self-sustaining when it comes to their water supply, and while the plan is in the very early stages, he is hopeful for the project. Brown says that the city is now just waiting on word back from the core of engineers for the next steps.

He says that the city has a 300 acre property that would be used for the reservoir, and that the construction of the reservoir would not displace anyone.