In honor of Casey County’s exceptional health care

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By Joberta Wells

On Nov. 6, my body was invaded by weapons of mass destruction or, in some cases, mass construction. I had a total hip replacement done that day. A good carpenter like my buddy Tom Estes could build a house using the same tools used to do my surgery. Termites and other nasty bugs could probably be killed using the chemicals that put me to sleep.

After surgery I looked like I did before it was done. I was not the same person, however. Major surgeries such as this that require a general anesthetic make you into a weak and almost helpless creature. You experience “brain fog” and some loss of short-term memory that comes back after a couple of months. You have a tendency to tell the same thing over and over to the same people who look at you like you are nuts.

Never fear! I had wonderful care from Dr. Jeremy Tarter, nurses, aides, physical therapists, occupational therapists, housekeepers, and other staff at the Ephraim McDowell Orthopedics/Spine Unit the three days I was there.

After three days I was moved to the Casey County Hospital for rehabilitation. I am so proud of our hometown hospital and the services they offer to all their patients. In addition to good medical care from Dr. Housam Haddad, the nurses, aides, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, and all the other staff, I was treated to such a special experience that included lots of laughter and joy. I think these folks must be blessed with the best senses of humor and goodwill because I saw it in all of them.

In the beginning, I needed lots of help with bathing, getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, walking, getting back in bed, exercising, getting the bad leg out of bed, getting the bad leg back in bed, putting on my shoes, bringing me coffee in the middle of the night, and on and on and on. Never once did anyone complain about helping me. Never once were they less than gracious, cheerful, and joyful. They put up with me for a week and for that I am grateful. What a special bunch of people!

For those out there who think our beloved little hospital is just a way station before being transferred elsewhere, you need to think again. They might not perform orthopedic surgeries or transplants or other types of major surgeries but this facility saves lives, enhances lives, and helps patients return to health as they did in my case. I am so proud of our hospital!

I am still undergoing physical therapy in the able hands of a home health organization. I am here to tell you that I will be doing the tango on New Year’s Eve. I’ve never done the tango before but just you wait and see how well I do. What a hoot!