Happy birthday, Tom

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By Joberta Wells

Happy belated birthday to the man of my dreams, Tom Selleck, who was 70 years old on Jan. 29. What a man! So what if he’s 70? He still floats my boat.
Okay, get off my case. I don’t want to hear any snarky remarks. I might be older than dirt but I still appreciate a fine-looking man and Tom Selleck is a fine-looking man.
That man has floated my boat since I saw him the first time in a toothpaste commercial years ago. I don’t even remember what the toothpaste was but I wanted that beautiful man doing the commercial. I had no idea who he was but it wasn’t long until the world discovered him.
That man floated my boat when his show, “Magnum, P.I.” came on in 1980. He was funny, he was serious, he was a con artist who never had any money, and he was beautiful. I remember going to work the day after every show was on and discussing him (not the show) with my female co-workers. I didn’t stand a chance because all of them wanted him, too. It was a sad day in 1988 when Magnum made his last run in that gorgeous red Ferrari that didn’t even belong to him.
That man floated my boat in his western movies such as “Quigley Down Under,” which I’ve only seen about 50 times, “Monte Walsh,” and “The Shadow Riders.”
He was exceptional in a serious drama, although without his trademark mustache, in “Ike: Countdown to D-Day.” (It’s a shame Ike didn’t have a mustache.) Then along came “Three Men and a Baby” and “Three Men and a Little Lady.” Oh, yummy! I’ve seen each of those numerous times, too.
That man has floated my boat in the more-recent Jesse Stone movies that were made for television. There have been eight of them so far and I’m hoping for more. He looks older than he did as Magnum (but so do I) and his face has acquired character along with a few wrinkles. He looks wonderful — all rugged and tough and extremely cuddly. You can get these movies on Netflix. I have. I’ve watched all of them numerous times.
That man floats my boat every week on Friday nights when “Blue Bloods” is on. By the way, re-runs are on in the afternoons, too. I watch them. Let’s face it; I am a Tom Selleck junkie.
Ten years ago when Tom had his 60th birthday I asked everyone to send him a birthday card. I even found his mailing address. Well, the ladies who worked at Farmers Deposit Bank took it one step further. They gathered up all the items the bank gave to customers (caps, pens, mugs, calendars, and such), boxed them up with birthday cards, and a copy of my column, and mailed it all to him.
Just a few weeks later each and every lady got a personalized and signed photograph from this lovely man. What a hoot! What’s a bigger hoot, although not totally unexpected, is that I still have my picture. Oh, that man does float my boat!