City of Liberty business licenses

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Donna Carman
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The City of Liberty is currently considering the adoption of an ordinance that will require new businesses within the city limits to obtain a business license. The main objective is so that the city will have some control over what types of businesses locate in Liberty.

What do you think of requiring business licenses?

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Less Goverment more business

Between the P And Z , the council and the mayor, business's will seek other locations. Mr Davis has tried to develope and improve our community and has only met with resistance. The city is the enity that should be jumping thru hoops to help developers instead of roadblocks. Mr Davis's new nice subdivision would be in the city but was refused by the powers to be. This dont make sense as of now its county tax only with the city not growing or increasing the tax base. If the city goverment dont want tattoo parlors then let them pass a law against them instead of penilizing the whole community.(Power is as power does,its so easy to abuse.(Kris Kristofferson 1969)Another license another roadblock.

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