Church News: March 15, 2017

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Apostolic Lighthouse

Wednesday night, the church continued the video prophecy series, “Understanding the End Times,” by Bro. Irvin Baxter with the lesson on “The Coming One-World Religion, Part 1.” Attendance was 18.
 Sunday morning, Bro. Eric Miller started with “God’s True Love” from Jeremiah 31:3. Bro. Danny Warren’s message was “Living In The Last Days” from I Peter 4:7. Attendance was 24.
Bro. Eric started Sunday night with “Setting Limits on God that has No Limits” from Isaiah 43:15-19. Bro. Danny’s message was “Hear Ye His Word” from Amos 8:11. Attendance was 19.
Prayer requests: Sheila Hatfield’s great-grandbabies Lilly and Frayah, Garland Denson, Nanetta Elmore, Ethan Cochran,
Jay Price, Rodney Hundley, Shirley Hundley, Judy Allen, Preston Scott, Austin Scott, Billy Miller, Jesse Franklin, Laura Warren,
Lindsey Warren, Carol Clements’ sister and brother-in-law, Della Haggard, Angel Lester, Rick Cooper, Phillip Woodrum, David
Absur, Bonnie Meeks, Ronald Cundiff, Brandon Poff and family, T.J. Miller and Dreama Gardner.

Bruce’s Chapel

Bruce’s Chapel Church had 53 in attendance Sunday morning. Bro. Gary Vest’s devotional was from II Timothy 2. Lavonda and Sedita Whited had the children’s sermon on “Don’t be Grumpy “ from Proverbs 15. Bro. Creech Richardson’s message on “Be Better for You to Have a Millstone about Your Neck and Thrown into the Sea” was from Matthew 18; Mark 9:22 and Luke 17. Sunday night attendance was 18. Bro. Creech’s message on “Heroes” was from Daniel 3:8.
Hailey Cole and Patricia and Mariah Richardson celebrated birthdays. The  women’s meeting will be 7 p.m. Thursday, March 16, with Norma Vest bringing the message.

Brush Creek

Attendance at Brush Creek Pentecostal Church was 66 with nine in children’s church. Celebrating a birthday was Shae Lynn. A special singing will be 7 p.m. Saturday, March 18, with Kevin Spencer.
Prayer requests: Ronald Cochran and family, Lyndon Murphy, Doris Brown, Jewell Payton, Larry Cochran, Harlan Shoopman, Teresa Beal, Betty Clark, Cecil’s dad, Ada Luttrell, Linda Scott, Tim Coffman, Garland Denson, Nannette Elmore, Melissa Atkins’ sister Pam, Clark family, McAnelly family, Hammond family and Compton family.

Chestnut Grove

At Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, Bro. Gale preached on persecution from Daniel 3:16-19. Special music was by Nancy and Melissa. The children’s church began a weekly study on Galatians 5:22 beginning with “What Does the Fruit of the Spirit Mean?”
The church is collecting toothbrushes and toothpaste for Operation Christmas Child during March. To participate, call 606-787-5954. The next community fellowship breakfast will be 9 a.m. April 2. A tentative date for the Ark excursion is in May. The kids have worked hard collecting pennies. The older youth went to Winter Jam and received a blessing from the fellowship and God’s messages. Even chaperones Holly and Ryan received a blessing.

First Baptist

Attendance for Sunday school was 85 with 103 for worship at First Baptist Church. Ashley had the children’s message asking about what things make them happy. She explained would make us most happy is putting God first in our lives, loving and serving Him. Bro. Jimmy’s sermon, “He Who has the Son in His Life,” was from I John 5:11-12. Youth Alive and the evening service were at 6 p.m. The message, “Are You Doing His Calling?,” was from Luke 14:25-33. 
Next Sunday, the church will celebrate Baptist Men’s Day with a breakfast at 9 a.m. 
Prayer requests: Salym Wethington, Braxton Foley, Norma Milbern, John Summers, Carl Wilson, Dale Wilson, Nina Thomas, and the families of Harold Hamm, Harold Clark and Jackie McAnelly.

First Christian
Connie Cundiff presented the children’s message at First Christian Church, reminding us that, much like an infant, we experience life in new ways when we are born again. Kay King shared the reading of the Psalm. Worship and Wonder presented the story, “Jesus and Bartimaeus.” Char Hecht was the storyteller, and Toni Menk was the greeter. Lydia Coffey and Beverly Hoskins presented a duet, “The Old Rugged Cross.”
Bob’s message was “The Three C’s of Repentance,” based on II Corinthians 5:16-21.
Weekly Lenten Journey worships are at 5 p.m. Sundays. Soup, sandwiches and dessert will be provided.
Prayer requests: family of Jackie McAnelly.

Grove Ridge

Grove Ridge Baptist Church will have spring revival at 7 p.m. April 21-23 with singing each night.
Celebrating birthdays were Ronald “Ron” Allen, Max Baxter and Daisy Dick.
Prayer requests: Helen Watts, Robie and Betty Prater, Grandma Hogue, Irene  
Falconbury, Jeff Gooch, Bobby Gooch, Elmer and Patsy Coleman, William  
Gastineau, Bill Powers and family, John and Amber Prater, Josh and Amanda  
Bentley, Joe and Julie Hamilton, Ethan Cochran, Janet Perry, June Hodge,  
Barbara Elmore, Dorothy Snow and Iszella McQueen.

Hwy. 49

Attendance at Hwy. 49 Holiness Church was 22 with four in the children’s penny march. Celebrating birthdays were Anita Wheeler and Danni Bullock. The Beginners Class received awards for perfect attendance. Bro. Bob Terry taught the Sunday morning lesson from Jeremiah 28:1-17 on “Spiritual Battles.” Bro. Phillip Smallwood preached the Sunday night message on “Having No Spiritual Bread” from Matthew 26:26-29. Bro. Phillip preached the Wednesday night message on “A Little Taste of Heaven” from Hebrews 6:1-6.
Prayer requests: Glenda Shoopman, Amy Cress, Janice Smallwood, Denny Johnson, Skyler Porter, Barbara Hampton, Oval and Anita Wheeler, Brandon Pemberton, Mason Jefferies, Evelyn Terry, Wavie Snow, Howard Vanoy, Joann Atwood, Ronald Cochran, Garland Denson, Becky Antle, Louis Cortez, Rosie Gentry, Naomi Maupin, Lynn Kehoe, Phyllis Denson, and the families of Jackie McAnelly and Harold Clark.

Latter-day Saints

Attendance was 63 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kevin Foley conducted the sacrament service. Elder Trent Grunig gave the invocation. The sacrament was administered by Nathaniel de Robles, Nathan Howard, Lucas Foley, Jerry Long and Ronald de Robles. Speakers were Jessica Taylor, “The Importance of Families,” and Elder Kyle Trone, “How Obedience Brings Joy.” Gary Smither gave the benediction. The Sunday school lesson was “The Importance of Receiving Divine Revelation.”


The ladies trio of Rosanne Wilson, Eva Miller and Tammy Bowling had special music Sunday morning at Middleburg Baptist Church. Bro. Keith delivered his message, “How Will You Respond to Jesus?” from Matthew 7:13-14.
An Operation Christmas Child shipping and handling offering will be taken Sunday night, with the Annie Armstrong Easter offerings set for April 9 and 16. The women will meet in the fellowship hall at 10 a.m. April 1 to make and send cards.
Prayer requests: Barry and Flossie Murphy, Jay Price, Mike Delk, Vernon Herron, Dustin Foster, John Wethington and firefighters, and the families of Jackie McAnelly and Harold Clark.

Mt. Calvary

Sunday school attendance 35 with 65 for worship service at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Bro. Ronnie’s message on “Peace” was from John 14:27. The children’s service was conducted by Brandy Carman. Celebrating a birthday was Brandy Carman. Special singing was by the men’s quartet. Regina Gilpin came forward to move her membership.
Evening attendance was 41 with Bro. Ronnie’s message, “Are You Comfortable,” from Genesis 22:10-12, 1-2, 13, 15-18. Fred Shepherd gave his testimony.
Prayer requests: families of Harold Clark, Vernon Harris, Jessie Reid, Jackie  
Foster, Jay Price, Bro. Delmer, Doug Melson, Tim and Tara Buis, Georgie Murphy, Linda West, Bro. Bill Meece, Andrew Luttrell and family, Bonnie Denham, Bro. Bobby Clark, Steve Durham, T.J. Cornett, Hunter Gillock, Lisa and Chester Foley, Nancy Coleman, Aundria Radliff, Alex Hooker, Alexis, Frey Todd, Dylan Terry, Lonnie Mullins, and Karen and Brad Pennington family.

Mt. Olive

Attendance at Mt. Olive Christian Church was 73 for Sunday school. The lesson, “Great Love,” was from Ephesians 2:1-10. Worship attendance was 121. The message, “Greater is He that is in Me,” was from I John 4:1-6. There were 48 for the evening service. The message, “God Speaks through Jesus,” was from Hebrews 1:1-9.
 Bible study at 7 p.m. Wednesday will be on Proverbs.
 A household shower for Lore Ware and Josh Patterson will be 2 p.m. Saturday in the fellowship hall.
Celebrating birthdays were Justin Salyers and Bryson Fitzpatrick.
Prayer requests: Eugene Arnold, Kenny Bastin, Jane Flanigan, Lore Ware, Jackie McAnelly, Logan Todd and the families of Harold Clark, Janie Jenkins and Frank VanDoren Sr.

Mt. Pleasant

Attendance was 26 at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Howard Bell was the oldest person present, and Katie Cook was the youngest. Lily Coppage will celebrate her first birthday this week. Special music was by Randal Davis, Shirley Land and Alex Goggin. Bro. Terry’s message came from Hebrews 2:1-11.
Mt. Pleasant’s community chili, soups and bean supper with homemade desserts will be held 5-7 p.m. Friday, March 17, seven miles west of Liberty on Ky. 70. before you get to Crockett Trail. Donations will be accepted for Mt. Pleasant’s carpet fund.  
Prayer requests: Rudy Mullins, Bill and Jeannie Procter, Billy Caudill, Kayden  
Urbina, Marcille and Dennis Wilkerson, Aldena Norfleet, Blake Clark, Anthony  
Flanagan, Loretta Thompson, Sandy Kersey, Audie Cherry, Francine Goodin,  
Howard Hickman, Linda Burton, Eugene Cowan, Elanor Brawner, Mike Farris,  
Carol and Bob Goodin, Flonnie Marples, Stewart Cochran, Zach Summers, Terry and Kathy Goodin, Todd Lee, Don and Shirley Land, Larry Lane, Lyda Clark, Mae Bell, Norma Jean Hatter, Tommy Clark, Kenny Clark, Laurie Bryant, Nanette Elmore, Mike Kearney, Jessica Bryant, Roger Grant, Chad Combs, Inorah Martin, Willis family, Gary Bell, Matt, Sarah and Raegyn Lynn, and families of Daniel Moore, Danny Wilkerson, Harold Clark, Jacqueline  
McAnelly, Vernon Herron and Harold Hamm.

Poplar Grove

Poplar Grove Baptist Church had 55 in attendance. Bro. Brent’s message was from I Timothy 6:11-12 and was titled “Lay Hold on Eternal Life.” Amy Russell had the children’s message. Birthdays include Charles Allen, Mable Raines and Terry Wethington.
Prayer requests: Marvin Atwood, Jay Price, Jeremy Wilkerson, Fred Ledford, Ariana Nix, Paige Harrison, Kendall and Missy Price, Linda Cannon, Virgil and Marie Bastin, Lowell Allen, Crystal Rogers, Amy Russell, Dale Wilkinson, Donald Pettyjohn, Clifford Dehart, Tracy Davis, Don McWhorter, Leland Vanoy, Valta Alstott, Laura Payton, Larry Cochran, Tommye Marple, Tiva Wethington, Joe Rigney, Garland Denson, Barry Murphy, Tim Smith, Benjamin Carman, Scotty Russell, Howard Vanoy, Lois Propes, Stewart Cochran, Cordell Brown, Sheila Myles, Brenda Wilson, Phillip Woodrum, Jeremy Cook, Nelson True, Doug Melson, Joan Roberts and the families of Harold Clark, Jackie McAnelly , Jessie Reid  and Cameron Caldwell.

Rocky Ford

At Rocky Ford Baptist Church, Rev. Matt’s sermon, “The Cross of Christ,” was from I Corinthians 1:17 and 2:2. James “Ott” Beeler celebrated a birthday.
Prayer requests: Emmajean and Connie Cochran, Glen and Alice Wilson, the Jackie McAnelly family, Glen and Wanda Combest, T.M. and Betty Lou Weddle, Shirley Reed, Vivian Foster, Carl Wilson, Margarite Overstreet, Leonard and Geneva Wright, Hilda Masden, Mary Ann Ray, Vernon McQueary, Hollis Murphy, Tony and Judy Price, Mary Webster, Helen and Charley Browning, Jim Reed, Wayne Beldon, Kathryn Burris, Wanda White, Juanita Helm, Shorty and Pat Coffman, Billy Caudill, Lucy Hines, Glenda Shoopman, Rudolph Mullins, Lester Griffin, Wendell Rakes, Don Cravens, Gerald Long, Harold Clark family, Stuart Cochran, Gerald Compston family, Marshall Kennedy, Bill Wilson and Jay Price.

Sacred Heart

Sunday Mass was a Pontifical High Mass celebrated at St. Bernard Parish, which hosted the visit of the archbishhop, Most Rev. Joseph Kurtz, as he conferred the sacrament of confirmation on young adult candidates. Both Sacred Heart and St. Bernard parishioners, including families and visitors, participated in the High Mass as one parish.
St. Bernard

Attendance was 240 Sunday at St. Bernard Catholic Church. Sunday’s Mass was a Pontifical High Mass celebrated by the archbishop, Most Rev. Joseph Kurtz, who conferred the sacrament of confirmation on eight young adult candidates. Newly confirmed young adults are Joey Cappel, Kevin Cuin, Laura Cuin, Edward Flores, Heidi Flores, Yahir Flores, Jessica Rosario and Lesticia Rosario. Scripture readings were Genesis 12:1-4a; Psalms 33:4-5, 18-20, 22; II Timothy 1:8b-10; and Matthew 17:1-9. Next Sunday, scriptures will be Exodus 17:3-7; Psalms 95:1-2, 6-9; Romans 5:1-2, 5-8; and John 4:5-42.
Friday, March 17, is the Memorial of St. Patrick. Monday, March 20, is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Children’s Sunday Bible lesson will be held Sunday, March 19. Classes for grades 3-6 meet 4:30-5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Teens/Young Adults Bible study is 6-7 p.m. Wednesday.

Thomas Ridge

Bro. Hershel Lawhorn’s message Wednesday was from John 2:1-8.  Sunday morning’s message, “Sin/I’ll Just Do What I Want,” was from I Samuel 29:1-5 and the Sunday night service was a teaching from Romans 12:1-8.  The youth had a lesson on “The Wise Builder.”
Prayer requests: Dennis Baldock, Fern Thomas, Rick Cooper, Bruce and Ramona Luttrell, Stewart Cochran, Charles Reed, Marie Gaddis, Dorothy Duncan, Lyndy Roy, Todd and Rachel Lee, Jeremy Wilkerson, Arianna Nix, Josh Brown, Darrell and Amy Meeks, Glenn, Esther and Inara Martin, Edith Foxx, Mark Wilson, Amy Irvin, Flonnie Marples, Larry Bell, Jack Chessman, Phillip and Helen Woodrum, Ronald Cochran, Dale Wilson, Glenda Garrett, Merle and Patricia Loveless, Angie Rodgers and Grace Anna, Winston Roy, Bernice Luttrell, Mary Roy, Carl and Vicki Griffith, Carole Rudolph, Lewis Brown, Jay Price, Cordell Brown and the families of Danny Wilkerson, Jackie McAnelly and Cecil Atwood.

Valley Oak

Attendance March 12 at Valley Oak Baptist Church was 50 for Sunday school and  60 for worship service. Scripture reading was by Aaron Cravens and a piano solo by Gentry Mullins.
Marty Wesley read I Corinthians 16:23-24 for the devotional. Daran Wall celebrated a birthday.
The church will host an old-fashioned community singing March 25. The meal will be at 5 p.m. followed by singing. Revival will be April 17-21 with Bro. Jerry Chandler as evangelist. Vacation Bible School is scheduled for June 11-16.
Prayer requests: Bro. Bobby and Loueva Clark and family, Ivadean Price, Deva Mullins, Carlie Roy, Linda Hatter and family, Patty Haste, T.M. and Betty Lou Weddle, Franklin Clark, Jay Price, Paula Price, Gene and Melline Hodge and family, the family of Harold Clark, Louise Bates, Edwin and Pauline Carman, Arieanna Nix and family, the Wilkerson family, Garland Denson, Charlie and Sherry Ritter, Christine Moore and family, Bud Gibson, Jerry Flynn, Charlotte Carman, Jeanie Mullins, Marilyn Wesley, Wanda Terry, Theresa Murphy, Louise Hines and family, Charlie McAnelly and family, and Lonnie Mullins.

Walnut Hill

Attendance was 87 at Walnut Hill Separate Baptist Church with five in youth choir. The scripture reading was Daniel 6:1-11 and I Kings 8:22-30. The message was “Why Did Daniel Pray Toward Jerusalem?”
Prayer requests: R.C. and Alma Vida Weddle, Dennis and Shirley Baldock, Joe Burton, Anna Patterson, Hayden Campbell, Eddie Price, Hope Devine, Christine Hansford, Wayne Piercy, Sadie Coffman, Beverly Nell, Jack Price, Ruford Hart, Fay York, Glenna Bryant, Glenda Caudill, Cordell Brown, Adell Brown, Lewis and Sarah Brown, Phyllis Reese, Pete Rowe, David Mason, Pam Coffey, Darrell Atwood, Ella Smith, Boyd Cochran, Darby Rayburn, Marlo Warner, Rhonda Burton, Mattie Smith, Kristen Weddle, Barry Murphy, Tony and Judy Price, Linda Richards, and Kathy and David Long.
Wednesday’s night Bible study will be on Revelation 9. Youth will meet in the hall.singing will be 6 p.m. Sunday, March 26, with the Crossroad Quartet.

Watson Chapel

Attendance at Watson Chapel Church was 18 for Sunday school and 19 for worship. The devotional reading from Ephesians 4:1-6. Bro. Sherman Floyd’s message was “Intercession: The Duty of Every Christian,” from I Thessalonians 5:25. Kenny Sharp celebrated a birthday.
Prayer requests: Pearl Short, Wilma Hatter, Jay Price, George Vest, Nannette Elmore, Sherrill Wall, Tim Durham, Merial Greer, Margaret Giles, families of Elias Clemons, Harold Clark, Faye Stinnett, Jackie McAnelly and Danny Wilkerson.