Church News: June 7, 2017

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Apostolic Lighthouse


Wednesday night Bro. Eric Miller started with prayer and prayer requests. Bro. Danny Warren continued a study on the book of Revelation with Revelation 9:1-21. Attendance was 13. Bro. Eric started with "The Lord Your God Which Goeth Before You" from Deuteronomy 1:29-33. Bro. Danny's message was "Somebody Go Tell John" from Luke 7:22. Attendance was 31. Sunday night Bro. Eric started with "Letting Go to Let Jesus Take Over" from Matthew 15:8-9. Bro. Danny's message was "While You Wait You Must Have Hope" from Psalms 27:13-14. Attendance was 26.

Prayer requests: Richard Weddle family, Bro. Goodrich, Brance and Dreama Thompson, Judy Allen, Janie Pendleton, Bonnie Meeks, Delmar Shreves, Lindsey Warren, Jackie Rodgers, Rodney Hundley, Shirley Hundley, Johnny Allen, Shannon Scott, David Abshur and Ashlyne Scott.


Bruce’s Chapel

Bruce's Chapel Church had 38 in attendance Sunday morning. Bro. Gary Vest's devotional was from Psalms 14. Norma Vest had the children's sermon "Angels Watching Over Us" from Psalms 91: 11 and 12. Bro. Creech Richardson's message, “Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide," was from Galatians 5. Sunday night attendance was 15. Bro. Creech's message, "The Faith of Stephen,” was from Acts 6:5 and 7:54. Patricia and Mike Richardson celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary.


Brush Creek

Attendance was 66 with 10 in children’s church. Steve and Emma Walters celebrated their anniversary. Special singing will be 7 p.m. Saturday, June 10, with Kenny Johnson. Vacation Bible School will be 6:30 p.m. through June 9.

Prayer requests: Jackie and Margaret Rodgers, Tammy Taylor, Wanda King, Myrtle Lyn, Samantha Mondie, Mike Lee, Hess family, Phyllis Denson, Ricki Whitis’ family, Benny Scott’s family, Ada Luttrell, Paul Scott, Larry Cochran, Kaylin, Caleb and Eli Cochran, Elza King and Gary Taylor’s cousin.



Attendance was 46 for Sunday school and 74 for the morning service. Special music was by Gospel 4. Bro Bud's message, “He is Altogether Lovely," was from Solomon 5:16 Attendance was 24 for Wednesday night Bible study. Attendance was 35 for the evening service with 13 in the prayer circle. Special music was by Carroll Wethington. Bro Bud's message, “The Lord’s Supper,” was from I Corinthians 11:24-28.  

Prayer requests: Cinda Mitchell, Mickey Young, Jody Miller, Heather Roberts, Glen and Iva Dean Helm, Sarah Hicks, Ashdon Morrison, Paula Coontz and Rosemary Baker.


First Baptist

Attendance for Sunday school was 97 with 131 for worship. Those from the church who are graduates were Jacob Smith, Casey County High School; Vanessa Conley, Centre College; John Luke Beard, Eastern Kentucky University; and Nolan Weddle, University of Kentucky. Six others who were grandchildren of church members were honored and each given a book. Marcenia told the children about a great general in the Bible who developed a very bad skin disease. He was cured when he followed the orders from God delivered by a little slave girl. Linda Spears had the special music. Bro. Jimmy's message, "The Last Invitation in the Bible," was from Revelation 22:20. The evening service and Youth Alive were at 6 p.m. The sermon, "An Inheritance in Heaven,” was from I Peter 1:3. 

New prayer requests: Anthony York, Betty Bernard, Adrian Davis, Ben Holt, Kathy Bastin, Debbie Williams, and the families of Richard Weddle and Laura Kirby.


Hwy. 49


Attendance was 26 with six in the children’s penny march. Having a birthday was Keaton Wethington. Celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary were Oval and Anita Wheeler. Bro. Bob Terry taught the Sunday morning lesson from Leviticus 23:4-22. Bro. Phillip preached the Sunday night message, “God Wants Us to Do Good,” from III John 1-2, II Peter 1:20-21 and other scriptures. Bro. Phillip preached the Wednesday night message from Numbers 23:19-30, “If God Says It, It Shall Be.”

Prayer requests: Barbara True, Stewart Cochran, Angie Taylor, Terry Walters, Linda Pruitt, Steve Walters, Phyllis Denson, Elza King, Debbie Noe, Kyle and Presley Weddle, Oval and Anita Wheeler, James Followell, Dennie Johnson, Charles and Pat Harmon, Phillip and Janice Smallwood, Evelyn Terry’s sister Joann, Amy Cross, Chris and Brittany Wethington, Jacob Miller, Howard Vanoy, Becky Antle and the families of Richard Weddle, Helen Rodgers and Louise Johnson.


Latter-day Saints


Robin Mardis conducted the fast and testimony service.  Claude Melancon gave the invocation. Michael Sumner was sustained as a primary teacher, and Nathaniel de Robles, Ashlynn Hill, Anna Howard, and Hannah Burgess were sustained as music conductors and organists. Nathaniel de Robles, Nathan Howard, Elder Conlin, Elder Trone and Lucas Foley administered the sacrament. Those who gave their testimonies were Robin Mardis, Linda Peters, Lucas Foley, Bryan Durham,  Shirley Lane, Ron de Robles, Vivian Hochstrasser, Larry Crenshaw and Scott Raley. Holley de Robles gave the benediction. The Sunday school lesson was “Preparing for the Second Coming of Christ.”




Matt Bowling provided special music Sunday morning. Bro. Keith read Matthew 26:26-30 for his message about the Lord's Supper. The service closed with the observance of the Lord's Supper. Those with June birthdays are Keith Bowling, Siler Buis, Christy Campbell, Chad and Osha Carman, Riley Crowe, Rebecca Hensley, Jeremy Johnson, Jerry Overstreet, Pam Patterson, Brad and Brittney Pennington, Brian Stucker and Josh Turner. Couples celebrating a June anniversary are Matt and Heidi Bowling, Jordan and Laura Buis, Bill and Pauline Godbey (65), Kenneth and Kathy Lucas, Barry and Flossie Murphy, Craig and Angie Murphy, Matt and Robin Murphy, Steve and Lisa Peek, Brad and Karen Pennington, Brian and Sarah Stucker, Dennis and Verla Stucker, and Charlie and Carla Turner.

Prayer requests: Dennis Baldock, Mark Brackett, Patrick Butcher, Stewart Cochran, Rebecca Hensley, Joshua Lail, Michael Mandel, Izzella McQueen, Jim Reed, Larry Schote, Nathan Waters, Alma Vida Weddle, Jean Wiles and Betty Jean Witt.


Mt. Calvary

Attendance for Sunday school was 42 with 64 for worship service. Bro. Ronnie's message, "Who Do You Say Jesus Is," was from Mark 8:27. Celebrating birthdays were June Phelps and Chris Morgan with Bro. Ronnie and Shelly celebrating an anniversary. The church recognized Josh Foley and Joseph Stigall for their graduation accomplishments. Regina Gilpin, Fred Haste and Lacey Luttrell were presented Bibles upon their recent baptism. The church recognized Chester and Lisa Foley, who are grandparents of a baby girl, Meridith Ann Foley. Aunda Cravens was present after her recent surgery. Special singing was by the men's group: Fred, Steve, Mack and Bro. Ronnie. Vacation Bible School began Sunday night with 87 present: 51 youth and 36 adults. Services will go through Thursday night with commencement and a cookout on Friday night.

Prayer requests: Debbie Dunham, Izzella McQueen, Joe Hardwick, Ricky Coe, Richard Durham, Aunda Cravens, Meridith Ann Foley, Harriett Pingleton, Linda Swann, Yalonda Estes, Jenna Carman, Shaun Lanigan and Lexi Gossett.


Mt. Olive

Attendance at Mt. Olive Christian Church was 68 for Sunday school. The lesson, "Deborah and Barak,” was from Judas 4:1-10. Worship attendance was 120. The message, “Guidelines to Success,” was from II Timothy 1:7; Philippians 3:13-14 and Hebrews 12:1-3. There were 68 for the evening service. The message, “Illusions,” was from Genesis 37:23-28. Bible study at 7 p.m. Wednesday will be on Proverbs. Vacation Bible School will be 6:30-8:30 p.m. June 21-23. Birthdays were Harold Haste and Lucas Salyers. Anniversaries were Donnie and Linda Salyers, Jon and Lindsay Keen, Ricky and Donna Floyd, and Lee and Jeanie Wall.

Additional prayer requests: Izzella McQueen, and the families of Janet Morris, Dewayne Haste, Richard Weddle, and Lauren Kirby.


Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant Church had 25 in attendance. The oldest person present was Howard Bell and the youngest was Claire Parton. Ian Parton celebrated his birthday this week. Special music was by Karey Sellers. Bro. Terry's message came from Luke 16:19-31.

Prayer requests: Thomas Kirby, Laura Fox, Gary Bell, Matthew and Sarah Lynn, Randel and Sue Davis, Michelle Moore, Willis family, Barry Murphy, Jimmy Bault, Becky Ray, Susan Davis, James Foster, Darrell Meeks, Gladys Emerson, Elanor Brawner, Howard Hickman, Darrell and Jeanie Atwood, Blake Clark, Anthony Flanagan, Loretta Thompson, Sandy Kersey, Francine Goodin, Linda Burton, Carol and Bob Goodin, Stewart Cochran, Zach Summers, Terry and Kathy Goodin, Todd Lee, Audie Cherry, Larry Lane, Roger Grant, Merl Grant, Jay Price, Adrian Davis, Dennis Baldock, Nanette Elmore, Judy Sizemore, Glenna Bryant, Shirley Helm, Don and Shirley Land, Joe Hardwick, and the families of Laura Kirby, Helen Rodgers and Paul Combest.


Poplar Grove


Poplar Grove had 39 in attendance. Bro. Brent’s message was taken from II Timothy 2:20-26 and was titled “Be an Honorable Vessel.” Bro. Brent had the children’s message.

New prayer requests: Marie Bastin, Isiah McFarland, Shaffer baby, Levon Turner, Breanna Patterson, Ben Carman, Joe Hardwick, Yevette Tolliver, Christine Gosser, Doris Richards, Genene Kowalik, , Raymond Poff,  Zack King, Ashley Zavales, Dale Wilkinson, Charles Allen, Missy Hart Myers, Serena Spoonhour, Tim Coffman, Arnold Wilcher, Shirley Jefferies, Glenna Emerson, Crystal Rogers, Joey Dykes, Phillip Patton, Todd Lee, Marvin Atwood, Jay Price, Jeremy Wilkerson, Don McWhorter, Leland Vanoy, Larry Cochran, Tim Smith, Lois Propes, Stewart Cochran, Sheila Myles, Brenda Wilson, Jeremy Cook, Nelson True, Doug Melson, Joan Roberts and the families of Paul Glen Combest and Helen Rodgers.


Rich Hill


One Way Gospel Singers of Science Hill sang Thursday night at Rich Hill Christian Church. Bro. Lynville Hatter’s Thursday night message came from Luke 4. The Sunday morning devotional reading, Galatians 6:1-8, was read by Tim Buis.  The Sunday morning Bible study was Hebrews 11:23-40. Bro. Lynville’s Sunday night message was from Acts 26:19-28.

Prayer requests: Heather Twilley, Violet Buis, Linda Buis, Delmer Sims, Alex and Kenzie Colvin, Tyler Buis, Tim and Tara Buis, Miranda Bell, Bro. Lynville and Cathy Hatter, Josephine Buis, Wayne and Janet Wilson, Wes Page, Debbie McAninch, Brenden Edens, Boone McQueary, Sue Buis, Rachel Murphy, Doris Edens, Jerry Merry, James Dean, Wanda Wilham, Jimmy Loy, Caitlynn Murphy, Butch and Betsy Godbey, Greta Foster, Daniel Porter, Stephanie Vaughn, Donald Ray Morgan, Laura Fox, Aniya Foster, Missy Price, Travis Buis, Richard Weddle family, Dennis McQueary, Larry and Lilly Porter, Mary Mills and Zack Vaught.


Rocky Ford


Andrea and Seth Norrholm celebrated birthdays. Guest speaker Bill Meece’s sermon was "Three Unlikely Heroes" from II Chronicles 34:1-2 with references made to other verses in chapters 33 and 35.

Prayer requests: Jim Reed, Woodrow Rodgers, Josh Hines, the Glen Combest family, Wayne Beldon, James Followell, Duane Followell, Charlie Browning, Glenda Wesley, Rodney Hundley, Wanda White, Margaret Wilcher, Ken and Ina Thomas, Tony and Judy Price, Ms. Obie Davis, Jimmy and Lucy Reid, Patty Ewing, Jeanette Jeffries, Alma Vida Weddle, Zach Summers, Vernon McQueary, Glenna Bryant, Hilda Masden, Katherine Burris, Dorothy Duncan, Delores Wilcher, Stuart Cochran, Ted Dinglemeir, Danny Helm, Cindy Hayes and Adam Cain.



Sacred Heart


Attendance was 26. Sunday Scriptures were Acts 2:1-11; Psalms 104:1, 24, 29-30, 34; I Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13; and John 20:19-23. Homily/reflection was Entering into the Silence of the Holy Spirit. Next Sunday is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity and scripture readings will be Exodus 34:4b-6, 8-9; Daniel 3:52-55; II Corinthians 13:11-13; and John 3:16-18. June is the Month of The Sacred Heart. Friday, June 9, is the Memorial of St. Ephrem, Deacon and Doctor of the Church.



St. Bernard


Attendance was 75. Sunday Scriptures were Acts 2:1-11; Psalms 104:1, 24, 29-30, 34; I Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13; and John 20:19-23. Homily/reflection was Entering into the Silence of the Holy Spirit. Next Sunday is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity and scripture readings will be Exodus 34:4b-6, 8-9; Daniel 3:52-55; II Corinthians 13:11-13; and John 3:16-18. June is the Month of The Sacred Heart. Friday, June 9, is the Memorial of St. Ephrem, Deacon and Doctor of the Church.



Thomas Ridge

The Wednesday evening service was food and fellowship with youth service on Noah. Sunday morning, Bro. Hershel Lawhorn’s sermon on “Victory” was from I Corinthians 15:57-58. The Sunday night Bible study was from Exodus 5:19-23. Prayer requests: Dennis Baldock, Stewart Cochran, Tim Smith, Marie Gaddis, Lyndy Roy, Todd and Rachel Lee, Jeremy Wilkerson, Josh and Brittany Brown, Elizabeth and Arnold Holtzclaw Darrell Meeks, Harvey Wheeler, Ramona and Bruce Luttrell, Edith Foxx, Mark Wilson, Flonnie Marples, Glenda Caudill, Karen Champ, Winston Roy, Glen, Alice and Johnnie Wilson, Ron Venma, Brance Thompson, Melvin Southerland, Robert Brancum, Gary Foster, Mike Lee, Glenda Conner, and the families of Mike Anderson and Laura Kirby.       


Valley Oak


Attendance was 56 for Sunday school and 68 for worship service. Jonathan Ware read Proverbs 3:5-6 for the devotional. Eric Carman celebrated a birthday, and Marvin and Susan Godbey celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary. Vacation Bible School is scheduled for 6:30-9 p.m. June 11-15. Transportation will be provided. For a ride, contact Eric Carman.

Prayer requests: Bro. Bobby and Loueva Clark and family, Rose Murphy, Ivadean Price, Deva Mullins, Carlie Roy, Linda Hatter, Izzella McQueen, Jerry Redford, Jay Price, Douglas and Clara Gorton, Johnny Hines, Joe Henson and family, Patty Haste, Jimmy Loy, David and Samantha Branscum and family, Gary Brown, Robert Lawless, Danna Lawless, Johnny Hines, Terry Mullins and family, Noah Luttrell, Debbie Luttrell and family, Tommie Marple, Gene and Melline Hodge and family, Vincent Wall, the family of Janet Morris, Christine Moore and family, Charlotte Carman, Edwin and Pauline Carman, Charlene Poore, Franklin Clark, Aunda Cravens, Patty Haste and Dave Hamlin.


Walnut Hill


Attendance was 69; youth choir had two in attendance. The scripture was Hebrews 2. The message was “The Should be More Love for Each Other.” Wednesday Bible study starts at 7 p.m. and youth will meet in the hall. Sunday, June 11, will homecoming. All former pastors and family are invited. Dinner and singing are planned.

Prayer requests: Alma Vida Weddle, Eddie Price, Jay Price, Terrie Bernard, Todd Lee, Stewart Cochran, Larry Cochran, Valerie Rowe, Darbie Rayburn, Connie and Gary Allen, Christine Gosser, Anna Patterson, Lewis and Sarah Brown, Rebecca Smith, Roger Campbell, Lara Lawson, Fay York, Barry Murphy, Dennis Baldock, Luke Polly, Dann and Rita Burton, Glenda Caudill, Marsha Campbell, Glenna Bryant, Shirley Burton and Linda Richards.

Watson Chapel


Attendance was 13 for Sunday school and 21 for worship. The devotional reading was Judges 5:24-27. Bro. Sherman Floyd’s message was titled “Friendships” from II Kings 2:1-12.

Prayer requests: Jay Price, Pearly Short, Wilma Hatter, Betty J. Whitt, Dennis Baldock, Bobby Clark, Nathan and Margaret Giles, Izzella McQueen and the family of Lauren Kirby.