Church News: June 21, 2017

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Apostolic Lighthouse

Sunday morning Bro. Eric Miller started with “Every Man Shall Give as He is Able” from Deuteronomy 16:17. Bro. Danny Warren’s message was “Integrity of a Good Man” from Joshua 24:15-16. Attendance was 23. Bro. Eric started Sunday night with “Narrow is the Way” from Matthew 7:13-14. Bro. Danny’s message was “5 P’s of a Good Father” from Psalms 91:1-4. Attendance was 19.
Prayer requests: Dewight Wilcher, Delmar Shreves, Brance and Dreama Thompson, Jay Price, David Abshur, Daniel Miller, Ethan Cochran, Janie Rodgers, Bob Garrett, Luke McQueary, David Taylor, Leah Taylor, Steve Pierce family, Gordie and Sharon Rogers, Austin Scott, and Brandon and Kimberly Poff.

Brush Creek

Attendance was 79 with 16 in children’s church. Celebrating an anniversary were Tommy and Holly Taylor. Father’s Day awards were presented: role model father, Gary Taylor; youngest father, Tyler Pemberton; most children, Ricky Troxell; youth pastor, Scott Cochran; and father of the church, Bearl King. Church camp will be Monday-Friday, June 26-30.
Prayer requests: Ryan Livengood, Rufus and Mary Sue Shoopman, Todd Lee, Mike Lee, Ricki Whitis’ family, Kathryn Scott, Gary Taylor, Jamie and Jessica King, Bridgett Lynn’s family, Jewell Payton, Doris Brown, Nannette Elmore, Becky Royston, Wanda King, Brad and Chad Baldock, Jackie and Margaret Rodgers, Cecil Wethington’s dad, Susie Allen and the Johnson family.


Attendance was 42 for Sunday school and 84 for morning service. Special music was by Johnny and Kacy Ellis. Bro. Bud’s message was “Absent from the Body and Present with the Lord” from 2 Corinthians 5:1-8. Attendance was 30 for Wednesday night Bible study.
Prayer requests: Sarah Hicks, Ashdon Morrison, Rosemary Baker, Chuck Blanton, Gladys Alaman, John Stidham, Leeroy Saylor, James Maynard, James Turner, Dwight Wilcher, Vanessa Pease and Walker Coffman.

First Baptist

Attendance was 86 for Sunday school and 118 for worship. All fathers present received a mug and a booklet in honor of Father’s Day. In the children’s message, Sherrie said fathers do all kinds of things but the most important thing a dad can do is bring them to church.  Dale Spears sang “Peace in the Valley.” Bro. Jimmy’s sermon, “Our Father in Heaven,” was from Matthew 6:9-13. The evening service and Youth Alive were at 6 p.m.  The message, “A Committed Follower,” was from Luke 9:23-25.
New prayer requests: Becky Anderson, Walker Coffman, Misha Jones, Jason Hood, Ronald Lee Stephans and the family of Phyllis Wilson.

Grove Ridge

Grove Ridge Baptist had 39 for Sunday morning worship. Bro. Kevin Pittman’s message was from Luke 15:20 and was titled “Compassion of the Father.” The church honored fathers for Father’s Day. Bobby McFarland was the oldest father with Jared Watts being the youngest father. Youth delivered the stuffed animals and offerings to Oneida Children’s Hospital on Saturday, June 17. Virginia Hogue celebrated her 93rd birthday and has been a member for 68 years.
Bro. Kevin’s message Sunday evening was from 2 Kings 20:19 and titled “Not Concerned about Future Generations.”
Corinth Church of God and Grove Ridge Baptist Church Vacation Bible School runs 6-8 p.m. through Friday, June 23. The church will have its annual community cookout and singing at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 24, featuring The Believers Quartet of Corbin.
Prayer requests: Helen Watts, Grandma Hogue, Bill Powers and family, and Josh and Amanda Bentley.

Latter-day Saints

Attendance was 71. Robin Mardis conducted the sacrament service. Jean Long gave the invocation. Nathaniel de Robles, Nathan Howard, James Long, Andrew Mercer and Lucas Foley administered the sacrament.   
Speakers were Elder Conlin, “Testimony of Repentance;” Linda Peters, “Serving Others is Serving the Lord;” and Glenn Maguet, “The Lord is Hastening His Work.”  Lester Meadows gave the benediction.
The Sunday school lesson was “The Lord’s Law of Health.”


On Friday evening, friends and family enjoyed the program as the young people showed what they learned in Vacation Bible School.  After commencement, everyone ate hot dogs and watermelon followed by the young people having a water balloon battle. VBS enrollment was 135 (74 children) with an average attendance of 108. There were four salvations. The girl/boy mission offering competition was won by the girls. The offering will buy and ship 164 Bibles to Jamaica. The men’s choir provided special music Sunday morning. All fathers received a gift with special gifts for the oldest father, Bill Godbey; youngest father, Matt Bowling; and the father with the most children present, Kenneth Lucas. Bro. Keith read Joshua 1:1-9 for his message about men of courage. Madison Campbell and Trinity Crowe, who were saved during VBS, came forward for baptism and church membership. No evening service was held.
Prayer requests: Dustin and Faye Helton, Kathy Lakes, Donald Ray Morgan, Dorothy Mounce, Barry Murphy, Jay Price, Jim Reed, Billy Short, Zack Summers, Louise Wesley, Randy Wiles, and the families of Laster Bowling and Eddie Nash.

Mt. Calvary

Attendance was 44 for Sunday school and 76 for worship service. Bro. Ronnie’s message was about fathers being responsible for the father they are, from Psalms 68:1-5 and other passages. All fathers were recognized with a gift and special recognition to the oldest, Mark Dunham; youngest, Mack Hogue; and most children, Jason Publow. Special singing was by the choir, Steve, Mack, Fred and Bro. Ronnie. Attendance for the evening service was 53. Lindsay Hogue, who was saved during Vacation Bible School, was baptized. Special singing was by the men’s group, Bro. Ronnie, Kaden and Kelsey. Bro. Ronnie read from I Corinthians 11:24-29 and had some men of the church read special passages about Jesus as part of the message. The Lord’s Supper was served. The youth enjoyed the trip to Louisville Zoo Saturday with more than 50 attending.
Prayer requests: Richard Durham, Yevette Tolliver, Joe Hardwick, Jeff Salyers, Aunda Cravens, Mandy’s aunt Patsy, Zach Summers, Jody Atwood, Charlotte Carman, Loraine Tinsley, and Chris Little family.

Mt. Olive

Attendance at Mt. Olive Christian Church was 75 for Sunday school. The lesson, “Jephthah,” was from Judges 11:4-11 and 29-31. Worship attendance was 130. The message, “Life’s Choices,” was from Genesis 9:20-27. Attendance was 40 for the evening service. The message, “Fatherly Advice,” was from Psalms 32. All fathers present were recognized and received a gift. The oldest father present was Donald Williams; youngest, Justin Peyton; father with the most children, Jim Mucci; father with the most children present, Tim Janes. Vacation Bible School will be 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday-Friday. Sunday at 6 p.m., Joseph Young, Christian magician, will perform. Celebrating anniversaries were Pat and Charlene Pittman, Wade and Patsy Durham, and Tim and Tabitha Janes. Celebrating birthdays were Lee Wall, Tabitha Janes and Pam Foley.
New prayer requests: Lynn Floyd, Jay Price and Alice Donovan.

Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant Church had 34 in attendance. The oldest person present was Barbara Norfleet and the youngest was Ava Bryant. Ronnie Edwards celebrated his birthday. Special music was by Karey Sellers, Gary Bell, Shirley Land, Julie Sullivan and Randal Davis. Bro. Terry’s message was from Genesis 3:1-20. Charles Norfleet was the oldest father present and Kevin Bryant the youngest. Gifts were given to all fathers present.
Prayer requests: Charles Norfleet, Randy Parton, Timmy Green, Holly Hayes, Julie Sullivan, Patton family, Walker Coffman, Howard and Geneva Bell, Adrian Davis, David Allen, Kaci Van Dyke, Ronnie Edwards, Barry Murphy, Jimmy Bault, Becky Ray, Susan Davis, James Foster, Darrell Meeks, Elanor Brawner, Howard Hickman, Darrell and Jeanie Atwood, Blake Clark, Anthony Flanagan, Loretta Thompson, Sandy Kersey, Francine Goodin, Linda Burton, Carol and Bob Goodin, Stewart Cochran, Zach Summers, Terry and Kathy Goodin, Todd Lee, Audie Cherry, Merl Grant, Jay Price, Dennis Baldock, Nanette Elmore, Judy Sizemore, Glenna Bryant, Shirley Helm, Don and Shirley Land, Joe Hardwick, and the families of Robert Mardis and Tyler Wilson.

Rich Hill
Thursday night, Bro. Lynville’s message came from I Thessalonians 4:13-18. The Sunday morning devotional reading, Philippians 2:1-14, was read by Tim Buis. The Sunday morning Bible study was from Hebrews 12:18-13:8. Bro. Lynville’s Sunday night message was from John 5:1-14.
Prayer requests: Susan Weddle, Missy Price, Violet Buis, Linda Buis, Tyler Buis and Miranda Bell, Alex and Kenzie Colvin, Wayne and Janet Wilson, Tim and Tara Buis, Jeff and Stephanie Buis, Jerry Merry, Mary Ballard, Donald Ray Morgan, Mary Mills, Samantha Stargill and baby, Vernie Gumm, Adrian Davis, Vivian McQueary, Debbie McAninch, Russ and Ashley Martin, Daniel Porter and family, Wanda Wilham, Jessica Rogers, Kristen Snow, Russell Wall, Aleta Walls, Clifton Hale, Michael and Greta Foster and family, Butch and Betsy Godbey, Jordan Coggins, Travis Buis, and Jimmy and Carel Loy.
Rocky Ford

Bro. Matt and Bethany celebrated an anniversary. His sermon was from Matthew 18:1-4 and titled “Little Children.” Prayer requests: Adrian Davis, Jim Reed, the Woodrow Rodgers family, Josh Hines, Patty Ewing, Glenda Wesley, Hilda Masden, Alma Vida Weddle, Mrs. Linnie Wright, Mrs. Obie Davis, Jeff Murphy, Elmer Wilcher, Wanda White, Katherine Burris, Vivian Foster, Ken and Ida Thomas, Barbara True, Larry True, Mary Ann Roy, Kenneth and Martha Lay, Jeanette Jeffries, Wayne Beldon, Dwight Wilcher, A.C. Richards, Billy Fuell, James Followell, Ted Danglemeir family, Price Smith, Connie  Cochran, Zack Summers and Stuart Cochran.

Sacred Heart

Attendance was 28. Sunday scriptures were Deuteronomy 8:2-3,14b-16a; Psalms 147:12-15, 19-20; 1 Corinthians 1:16-17; and John 6:51-58. Homily/reflection was Body and Blood of Jesus for Eternal Life. Next Sunday, scripture readings will be Jeremiah; Psalm 69:8 10,14,17,33-35; Romans 5:12-15; and Matthew 10:26-33. June is the Month of the Sacred Heart. Friday, June 23, is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Saturday, June 24, is the Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist.
St. Bernard

Attendance was 69. Sunday scriptures were Deuteronomy 8:2-3,14b-16a; Psalms 147:12-15, 19-20; 1 Corinthians 1:16-17; and John 6:51-58. Homily/reflection was Body and Blood of Jesus for Eternal Life. Next Sunday, scripture readings will be Jeremiah; Psalm 69:8 10,14,17,33-35; Romans 5:12-15; and Matthew 10:26-33. June is the Month of the Sacred Heart. Friday, June 23, is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Saturday, June 24, is the Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist.
Thomas Ridge

Wednesday evening, Bro. Hershel Lawhorn’s message  was from Psalms 78:1-41. Sunday morning’s message, “Father’s Day,” was from Luke 15:11-13.
Prayer requests: Dennis Baldock, Stewart Cochran, Marie Gaddis, Todd and Rachel Lee, Jeremy Wilkerson, Josh Brown, Darrell Meeks, Ramona and Bruce Luttrell, Edith Foxx, Mark Wilson, Flonnie Marples, Karen Champ, Winston Roy,  Ron Venma, Mike Lee, Glenda Caudill, David Absher, Glenda Conner, Glenda Garrett, Tonya Loh, Martie Pope, Doris Richards, and Ashleiha Haste.      

Valley Oak

Attendance was 45 for Sunday school and 65 for worship service. Chuck Woodcock shared a poem and a song for the devotional. Special singing was by Jean Hatter. Marilyn Wesley celebrated a birthday. Gene and Pat Clark celebrated a wedding anniversary. Prayer requests: Bro. Bobby Clark and family, Deva Mullins, Carlie Roy, Ivadean Price, Linda Hatter, Isaiah Richards, Jay Price, Johnny Hines, Linda Wyatt and family, Robert Lawless, Danna Lawless, David and Samantha Branscum and family, Patty Haste, Al Pennington, Carla Wilson, Steven D. Haste and family, Edwin and Pauline Carman, Charlotte Carman, Natalie and Asa Woodcock, Noah Luttrell and Iris Dugger.

Walnut Hill

Attendance was 86 with seven in youth choir. Scriptures were Matthew 3:1-8 and Isaiah 5:1-3. The message was about how God wants you to bear fruitful works. Wednesday Bible study will start at 7 p.m., and youth will meet in the hall. Sunday at 6 p.m., Square Oak will sing. Prayer requests: Alma Vida Weddle, Dennis and Shirley Baldock, Larry Cochran, Jessie Long, Rebecca Smith, Janice Popplewell’s sister-in-law, Ashlaighan Haste, Louise Wesley, Walker Coffman, Cameron Burk, Anna Patterson, Jim Warner, Glenda Caudill, James Clark, Jay Price, Eddie Price, Linda Richards, Jodi Atwood, Darrell Atwood, Jackie Rodgers, Danny Burton, Rufart Hart and Boyd Cochran.

Watson Chapel

Attendance at Watson Chapel was 18 for Sunday school and 22 for worship. The devotional reading was Acts 15:6-21. Bro. Sherman Floyd’s message was from John 14:8-13 and titled “The True Vision of the Father.” Celebrating a birthday was Alma Haggard. Prayer requests: Jay Price, Lynn Floyd, Pearl Short, Gary Greer, Wilma Hatter, Donald Morgan, Bobby Clark, Walker Coffman, Joe Hardwick, Izella McQueen, and Nathan and Margaret Giles.