Church News: January 11, 2017

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Apostolic Lighthouse

Wednesday night, the church started the video prophecy series, “Understanding the End Time,” by Bro. Irvin Baxter. The first lesson was “United States Discovered in the Bible.” The lessons will continue for 13 more weeks at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.
Bro. Eric Miller started Sunday morning with “What Can I Do” from Ezekiel 22:29-30. Bro. Danny Warren’s message was “Keeping Faith in Tough Times” from I Peter 1:6-12. Attendance was 26.
Sunday night Bro. Eric started with “Be Not Weary in Well Doing” from Galatians 6:9. Bro. Danny’s message was “I’ll Holler if I Want to” from Luke 11:9-10. Attendance was 19.
Prayer requests: Curtis Patten, Ericka Blaydes, Nanette Elmore, Darrell Atwood, Brianna Grider,  Rody Hicks, Ashlynne Scott, Rick Cooper and family, Howard Heckman, Phillip Patton, Rodney Hundley, Shirley Hundley, David Abshur, Dewight Wilcher, Bea Edwards, Hailey Wright, Carol Clements, Bonnie Meeks, Orville Spencer, Jamie Cromer, Samatha McQueary, David and Janett Meeks, Angel Lester, Barbara Looney, Dennis Selby, and Gordie and Sharon Rogers.

Bruce’s Chapel

Bruce’s Chapel Church had 53 in attendance Sunday morning. Bro. Ephraim had the children’s sermon, “Ready or Not,” from Matthew 25. Bro. Creech Richardson’s message, “Intercessors,” was from Exodus 5:21-23. Kalyn, Margaret, Destiny and Ramie celebrated birthdays. Sunday night attendance was 18. Bro. Creech’s message, “Healed by Faith,” was from Matthew 9:35.


Attendance was 35 for Sunday school and 56 for morning service. Special music was by Johnny and Kacy Ellis. Bro. Bud’s message, “The Crucified Crook,” was from Luke 23:39-43. Celebrating a birthday was Phillip Crowe. Attendance was 29 for Wednesday night Bible study.
Prayer requests: Billy Webb, Doris Richards, Danny Lee Helm, Leza Long, Eva Gooch, Jimmy Snow, Keith Spears, Kenneth Long, Vicky Underwood, Gladys Derringer, Phillip Patton, Stephanie Padgett, Charles Whitaker Jr., Marshall Wayne Ellis, Lloyd Maynard, Shirley Jeffries, Lavina Ellis, Charles Brown, Vicky Hasty, Wayne Beldon, Lana Bartly, Kay Burris, Norma Warner, Conner Allen, Jerry Rousey, Hattie Maynard, Jeff and Patty Phelps, Debbie Brown, Barry Cutter, Betty Fair, Arnold Wilcher, Emma Fowler, Jimmy Reed, Jerry Gribbins, Jacy Tucker, Randell Sears, Walter Allen, Gerald Adams and Tiva Wethington.

First Baptist

Attendance for Sunday school was 86 with 106 for worship. The service began with the baptism of Harlie Hebrock and Gavin Hebrock. The children’s message was by Ashley, who asked what a promise means and then had the children listen to a song about God’s promises to us. Bro. Jimmy’s message, “Believe and Turn,” was from Matthew 7:13-14.  A bridal shower for Jenna Lee and Neal Masterson was held at 2 p.m. Deacons met at 5 p.m. and Youth Alive and the evening service were at 6. The sermon, “Saved to the Uttermost,” was from I Peter 1:3-7.  
Prayer requests: Dale Wethington, Betty Lou Weddle, Darrell Atwood, Dean Mann and the family of Bridgett Wesley.

First Christian

Bob Mallory presented the children’s message. Worship and Wonder presented, “Jesus is Baptized.” Barbara Jeffries was the storyteller, and Jan Bryant was the greeter.  The choir presented special music, “Worship Tapestry.” The message was “Don’t Lose Your Eyesight,” based on John 1:1-9 and 10-18 and Isaiah 50:1-5.
Prayer requests: Benjamin Carmen, Evelyn Hoskins, Ruth Rakestraw, Red Rakestraw and Tiva Wethington Foster.

Grove Ridge

Beth Littlejohn came forward during the altar call. Celebrating a birthdays was Solomon Sergent.
Prayer requests: William Gastineau, Kellie Hatter and baby, Brian Christian, Helen Jean Watts, Barry Murphy, Dereck and Samantha Falconbury, Irene Falconbury, Robie and Betty Prater, Grandma Hogue, Kellie Elmore, Joe and Julie Hamilton, Bill Powers and family, John and Amber Prater, Josh and Amanda Bentley, Aleshia Watts, Sadie Watts, Retha Hogue, Louise Falconbury, Bo Setser and Judy Treadway family, and Barbara Compton family.

Hwy. 49

Attendance was 16 with two in the children’s penny march. Having a birthday was Pat Harmon. Bro. Bob Terry taught the Sunday morning lesson from John 3:1-21. Bro. Phillip Smallwood preached the Sunday night message, “God is Pure Love,” from I Timothy 3:15-16 and I Corinthians 12:1 and 8-11 and Mark 16:14-18. Bro. Robert Atwood preached the Wednedsay night message, “What will You do to Reach the Lost.”
Prayer requests: Donald Mason, Michael Edwards, Sara Gosser, Janice Smallwood, Garland Denson, Jesse and Glenda Shoopman, Steve Walters, Elza King, Vicky Maupin, Daniel Wayne Long, Darrell Atwood, Shirley Gregory, Wanie Snow, Howard Vanoy, Barbara Hampton, Phillip Woodrum, Amy Cross, Carol King, Bill Phelps and Charles Rice.

Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had 70 in attendance. Kevin Foley conducted the fasting and testimony service. The invocation was by Arlen Sanders. The sacrament was administered by Nathan Howard, Nathaniel de Robles, Lucas Foley, James Long and Andrew Mercer. Testimonies were given by Kevin Foley, Carl Howard, Arlen Sanders, Holly de Robles, Shirley Meadows, James Long, Sunni Russell and David Allen. The benediction was by Jean Long. The Sunday school lesson was “The Early History of the Church in This Dispensation.”


Karen and Brad Pennington provided special music. Bro. Keith read Leviticus 6:8-13 for his message, “The Fire Within.” On Sunday evening, the sermon topic was “Unity in the Church” from John 17:20-26. Tuesday prayer meetings will be Jan. 17 and 31. Celebrating birthdays in January are Deidra Bastin, William Brown, Rhyla Buis, Mason Burchett, Devon and Jenna Carman, Rachel Dial, Rodney Luttrell, Dylan McKinney, Kayla Murphy, Colton Patten, Wauneda Pittman, Lacy Tillett, Sarah Wethington, and Mike Wilson. Couples with January anniversaries are Donna and Jeff Carman and Gwen and Donny Grider.
Prayer requests: Erica Benson, Elsie Brewster, Ben Carman, Ronald and Stewart Cochran, Garland Denson, Nanette Elmore, Robert and Tiva Foster, Jonathan Hatter, Dollie Lucas, Rodney Luttrell, Randy McQueary, Don McWhorter, Barry Murphy, Earl Napier, Nikki Osbourne, Ellen Sexton, Lisa Turpin, Teresa Walls, Jim West, Dale Wethington, Mark and Jessie Wilson, and the families of Junior Leigh, Helen Luttrell, Lillian Rainey, Bridgett Wesley and James Williams.

Mt. Calvary

Attendance for Sunday school was 26 with 53 for worship service. Bro. Ronnie’s message, “Getting Real,” had readings from John 3:16-21 and Romans 1:29-32. Celebrating birthdays were Tammy Durham, Pam Morgan and Becky Durham. Bro. Ronnie presented Tammy Durham, Stephanie Hines and Vayda Terry with Bibles as new converts. No evening service was held due to a heat pump malfunction. A love offering for Chester and Lisa Foley will be taken next Sunday.
Prayer requests: Eva Wesley, Jody Salyers, Robert Durham, Lynette’s mom, Charlotte Carman, Chester and Lisa Foley, Mabel Latham, Mark Dunham, Ben Carman, Ashley and Maggie Vest, Ernest Maggard, Chris Morgan, Brandy’s grandmother, Richard and Sherry Durham, Wanda Durham, Harold and Lyda Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Woodrum, Mr. and Mrs. Bekham Williams, Dale Wethington and families of Gerald Smith and Bridgett Wesley.

Mt. Olive

Attendance at Mt. Olive Christian Church was 66 for Sunday school. The lesson, “Praise God with a New Song,” was from Psalms 96. Worship attendance was 89. The message, “What is Our Viewpoint,” was from Haggai 2:3-7. Attendance was 37 for the evening service. The message, “How to Start Over,” was from Isaiah 43:18-19. Bible study will be 7 p.m. Wednesday on Psalms 134-135. Celebrating birthdays are Angie Lee, Mick Floyd, Marty McGowan, Gerline Eastham, Lewis Taylor and Owen Payton.
Prayer requests: Terry Allen and the families of Sheila Smith, Bridget Wesley and Donna Sheron.

Mt. Pleasant

No Sunday services were held.
Prayer requests: Dale and Myra Wethington, Cecil and Norma Jean Hatter, Blake Clark, Stewart Cochran, Darrell Atwood, Tiva Wethington Foster, Elanor Brawner, Wayne and Gladys Hughes, Orpha Hreha, Zach Summers, Cindy Hayes, Judy McQueary, Ryan McQueary, Jordyn McQueary, Todd Lee, Larry Lane, Nannette Elmore, Jessica Bryant, Harold and Lyda Clark, Julie Hamilton, Vernon and Bea Herron, Larry Bell, Eugene Cowan, Matthew and Sarah Lynn, Raegyn Lynn, Terry and Kathy Goodin, Audie Cherry, Bill and Jeanne Proctor and the families of Bob Crew, Bridget Lynn Wesley, Ernest E. Dunbar and David E. Tungate.

Old Time

Old Time Independent Baptist Church had 17 in attendance for Sunday school. Bro. Ricky Rodgers gave the devotion “The Lord is the Only One who can set us Free,” from Psalms 146:5-10. Bro. Tony Rodgers taught from II Corinthians 5:1-14. Attendance for the morning service was 21. Bro. Ricky Rodgers preached on “The Church that has Lost its Revival” from Proverbs 29:18-23. The evening service had 14 in attendance. Bro. Ricky Rodgers preached on “Your Work Shall be Rewarded” from II Chronicles 15:7-9.
Prayer requests: Prescilla Jones, Patricia Clarkson, Sue Rodgers, Bro. Ricky Sr., Ronda Duncan, Rodney Luttrell, Tony Rodgers and family, Bob Summer, Tessa Perry, David Wilham and family, Melissa Red, Valerie Holt, Shane Rodgers and family, Deen Rodgers, Alisha Chamlin, Chris Caze, Michelle Luttrell, Andrew Luttrell, Ruth Mason, Robin Wilham, Kenny Sims and family, Duane Wilham, Anthony Worley, Angie Worley and Coy Whitehead.

Poplar Grove

Poplar Grove had 31 in attendance. Bro. Brent’s message was from Genesis 5:22-34 and was titled “Good Change for the New Year.” Amy Russell had the children’s message. Birthdays for the upcoming week are Elliott Cannon, Mona Whited, David Sanders, Reda Randolph and Josh Terry.
Prayer requests: Barry Murphy, Darrell Atwood, Dale Wethington, Tim Smith, Curtis Wilkerson, Benjamine Carman, Harold and Lydia Clark, Michael Mattingly, Harold Emerson, Orpha Hreha, Bobby Ross, Cordell Brown, Gin Godbey, Barbara Gribbons, Ashley Zavala, Scotty Russell, Kathy Fogle, Lois Propes, Donald Ray Sanders, Stewart Cochran, Hazel Sryzonski, Junior Patton, Mary Evans, Sheila Myles, Brenda Wilson, Doug Melson, Nelson True, Joan Roberts and Phillip Woodrum.

Poplar Springs

Attendance was 26 for Sunday school, 38 for worship, and 11 for children church. Bro. David L. Johnson brought the message, “Godly Love,” from John 21. Special singing was by the choir and Marvetta Russell.
Prayer requests: Eula Weddle, Johnny and Joyce Maupin, Lister and Faye Larkin, Eric May, Hunter Gillock, Lillian Bishop, Glenna Bryant, Lisa Foley, Irene Gosser, Randy Horning, Rodney Hundley, Billy Lamb, Sara Gosser, Dennis and Sue Ellen Johnson, Cordell Brown, Steve Johnson, Larry Rice, Christine Carney, James Ursprung, Rhonda Duncan, Tonya Meeks’ dad, Jessica Hale Rodgers, Clifton and Margaret Hale, Bobby and Carol Russell, Mike Delk, Lisa Nelson, Jackie Roy, Lousie Thomas, Doug Melson, Ray Martin, Bobby Maupin, Phillip Patton, Rose Wilham, Kathy Matthews, Tessa Cocaughter, Gene, Carol and Erica Benson, Johnny Watson, Nannette Elmore and Danny Yaden.

Rich Hill

Bro. Lynville’s Thursday night message came from Luke 4:1-15. The Sunday morning devotional reading, Luke 9:23-27, was read by Tim Buis. The Sunday morning Bible study was from Philemon. Sunday night’s message was from Joshua 24:13-21. Special music was by Tara Buis and Stephanie Buis.
Prayer requests: Boone McQueary, Alex and Kenzie Colvin, Wayne and Janet Wilson, Wes Page, Carlee Roy, Bethany Roberts, Imogene Byrd, Lorene Vaught, Doris Edens, Brenden Edens, Dedra Goins, Dolly Black, Sue Buis, Violet Buis, Linda Buis, Larry and Lilly Porter, Daniel Porter and family, family of Yolande Hoostens, Tyler Buis, Mary Mills, Bro. Delmer Sims, Lynne Givens, Tim and Tara Buis,  Ronald Satterly and family, Mark Wesley and family, Nannette Elmore, John Porter, Biff Wilhelm, and Dennis and Gay Pond.  

Sacred Heart

Attendance was 23. Scripture readings were Isaiah 60:1-6; Psalms 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13; Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6; and Matthew 2:1-12. Homily/reflection was Rise and Shine. Next Sunday, scripture readings will be Isaiah 49:3,5-6; Psalms 40:2,4,7-10; I Corinthians 1:1-3; and John 1:29-34. January is the Month of The Holy Name of Jesus. Next Sunday, Jan. 15, is the beginning of The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Tuesday, Jan. 17, is the Memorial of St. Anthony.

St. Bernard

Attendance was 78. Scripture readings were Isaiah 60:1-6; Psalms 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13; Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6; and Matthew 2:1-12. Homily/reflection was Rise and Shine. Next Sunday, scripture readings will be Isaiah 49:3,5-6; Psalms 40:2,4,7-10; I Corinthians 1:1-3; and John 1:29-34. January is the Month of The Holy Name of Jesus. Next Sunday, Jan. 15, is the beginning of The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Tuesday, Jan. 17, is the Memorial of St. Anthony.

Thomas Ridge

The Wednesday night service with Bro. Hershel Lawhorn was from I Kings 17:1-7. The message on Sunday morning, “Your Sins will Find You Out,” with Bro. Hershel was from Numbers 32:17-23.  
The Sunday night service with Bro. Jeff Meeks was “Draw Nigh” from Exodus 24:1-2. Youth services were in the fellowship hall with breakfast and a lesson, “Knowing Jesus,” from I John 1:5-2:6.
Prayer requests: Thelma Broughton, Jackie Roy, Dennis Baldock, Fern Thomas, Rick Cooper, Theresa Johnson, Doug Melson, Stewart Cochran, Karen Wethington, Zach Summers, Glenn and Alice Wilson, Connie Cochran, Margie Roy, Marcelle Wilkerson, Edith Foxx, Gene Settles, Pat Luttrell, Freda Emerson, Arnold Holtzclaw, Allen Gosser, Charles Reed, Steve Emerson, Shirley Patton, Chase Emerson, Marie Gaddis, Ron and Jan Venema, and the family of Bridget Wesley.   

Valley Oak

Attendance was 50 for Sunday school and 52 for worship. Roger Hatter read Ephesians 2:8-9 for the weekly devotional. Singing was by Kaylee Edwards and also Gene Hodge with Bro. Bobby Clark, Marcilla Hines and Jean Hatter.
Prayer requests: Ivadean Price and family, Deva Mullins, Carlie Roy, Mary Lou Carman,  Ricky Carman, Gene Clark and family, Julie Holt, Patty Haste, Frankie and Linda Singleton, Melline Hodge and family, Jeanie Mullins, Joyce Wilham, Joann Harness, Gay and Dennis Pond,  Maimie Wesley, Pauline Carman, Charlotte Carman, Clara Gorton, the family of Jeffrey Hatter, Betty Lou Weddle, Charlie and Sherry Ritter, Mark Wesley and family, Bernie and Betty Wesley, Ricky Beasley, David West, Parker Hatter and family, Chuck and Connie Woodcock and family, Robert and Judy Lawless and family, Louise Hines and family, Debbie Luttrell and family, Joe, Donna and Bobby Henson, David Branscum and family, Matt Templin and Billy Hatter.

Walnut Hill

Attendance was 69 with nine in the youth choir. Bro. Rodney Smith’s message, “Death of a Legend,” was from John 19:23-42. Bro. Rodney Smith’s evening message, “Be ye Angry and Sin Not, Don’t Give Place to the Devil,” was from Ephesians 4:26-27.
Prayer requests: Phyllis Reese, Alma Vida and R.C Weddle, Rhonda Burton, Christine Hansford, Marlo Warner, Joe Burton, Jim Goff’s family, Clifton Cowan, Darrell Atwood, Keith and Glenda Caudill, Glenna Bryant, Dennis Baldock, Anna Patterson, Rick Wesley’s mom and grandmother, Barry Murphy, Cordell Brow, Harold Clark and wife, Chris Pierce, Gary Wheat, Shirley Burton and Gracie, Matthew Cowan, Helena’s grandchildren, Norma Jean Hatter, Connie Weddle, Mattie Smith, Adel Brown, Jenni Weddle and family, and Beth’s family.

Watson Chapel

Attendance at Watson Chapel Church was 16 for Sunday school and 18 for worship. The devotional reading was from Revelation 5:11-14. Bro. Sherman Floyd’s message was “The Ministry of the Father in the Life of Christ” from John 10:24-31. Celebrating a birthday was Betty Jean Cravens.
Prayer requests: Pearl Short, Danny Yaden, Lois Vest, Wilma Hatter, Jessie Hines, Larry Haggard, Missy Price, and the family of Bridgett Wesley.