Church News

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Bruce’s Chapel

Bruce’s Chapel Church had 42 in attendance on Sunday morning. Bro. Preston McKnight’s devotional was from Luke 23:44. Bro. Creech Richardson’s message “You Are Special” was from 2 Corinthians 4. Sharon Byrd had children’s sermon “Be Careful What You Say” was from Proverbs 15:2. Sunday night attendance was 17. Bro. Creech Richardson’s message, “A Touch from Jesus” was from Matthew 17. 

Brush Creek

Brush Creek Pentecostal Church had 63 attending Sunday morning. Bro. Scott Cochran brought the message from John 3:17-21. Children’s Church had 10 children. Pledges were recited and Mia Thomas sang a special song. 

Prayer requests: Cathrine Smith, Doris Brown, Diana Taylor, Sherry Brown, Lily Bullock family, Ada Luttrell Abby Atwood, Joyce Cochran, Michelle, Terry Smith, Chuck Tomlinson, Carson Atwood, Glenda Beal, Harlan Shoopman, Bro. Bearl King, Marie Fletcher, Jackie Rodgers, Marty and Jo Edwards and Tim Skaggs.


Attendance was 38 for Sunday school and 55 for morning service. Special music was by Sharon Steven and Lana Bartly. Bro Bud’s message, “Time shall be no more” was taken from Revelation 10: 5-6. Phillip Crowe had a Birthday. Attendance was 35 for evening service with 18 in the prayer circle. Special music was by Faye and Phillip Crowe. Bro Bud’s message, “Jehovah God,” was taken from Psalm 83:18.

There were 18 new prayer requests.

Grove Ridge

Grove Ridge Baptist Church morning worship 17 in attendance with Bro. David Light whose message was from John 3:1-6. Evening service attendance was 16 with Bro. David Light message from Romans 10:17.

Celebrating a birthday was Kellie Hatter and Jerome Cummins. An upcoming event will be the Fifth Sunday Hymn Singing Jan. 14 at 6 p.m. at Oak Grove Baptist Church.

Prayer requests: Robie and Betty Prater, Jay Price, Daisy Dick, Kirby Brown family, Lane Watts, Kellie Hatter, Bobby and Nora McFarland, Kevin Durham, Roger and Betsy Phipples, BJ Owens, Todd Lee, Brian Wardrip, Robert Patterson, Helen Jean Watts, Sandra Carman, Brian Lautenschlager, Louise Falconbury, William Gastineau, Timmy Jones, John Blevins, Michael Peek, Thomas Campbell, June Hodge, Grandma Hogue, Elaine Stricklin family, LaMer Moore and Bill Powers Family.

Hwy 49

Bro. Shirley preached Wednesday night from Isaiah 53-1-5 and Matthew 4-1-10, “it is written.” Bro. Bobby taught Sunday morning rom Hosea 2-1-23. Bro. Phillip preached Sunday night from John 21-25. John 13-31-38 and John 14-1-4. Happy Birthday goes out to Bobby Terry on Dec. 25 and Evelyn Terry Dec. 28.

Prayer requests: Emilee Maupin, Elijah Maupin, Amy Cross, Evelyn Terry, Oval and Anita Wheeler and family, Howard Vanoy, Ray Tapscott, Elza King, Jamie, Sasha Smallwood and family, Chris, Brittany Wethington and family, Bill and Kathy Wethington, Scott and Michelle Yates and family, Raymond Poff, Taylor Smallwood, Jacob Miller, Lottie Raider, Phillip and Janice Smallwood.

Latter-day Saints

Sunday, Jan. 7, attendance was 67. Carl Howard conducted the Sacrament service. The Invocation was given by Taylor Hetzel. Administering the sacrament was Nathaniel de Robles, Nathan Howard, Cameron Hill, James Long and Julian Clifton. Testimonies were given by Carl Howard, Brenda Sanders, Shirley Lane, Elder Webster, Elder Ylst, David Allen, Ashlynn Hill, Jessica Taylor, Cheryl Shelton and Robin Mardis. Beverly Hetzel gave the Benediction.

The Sunday school lesson was “Walk in the Light of Christ.”


Eva Miller and P.D. Lanham provided special music on Sunday morning. Bro. Keith read 1 Corinthians 15:50-58 for his message, “God’s Message to All People.” Those with January birthdays are Taylor and Tyler Brown, Mason Burchett, Devon Carman, Jenna Carman, Rodney Luttrell, Dylan McKinney, Kayla Murphy, Colton Patten, Sarah Wethington and Mike Wilson. Couples celebrating an anniversary are Jeff and Donna Carman and Donny and Gwen Grider.

There was no evening service.

Prayer requests: Agnes and Lee Bowling, Ralph Crawford, Denver Durham, Kathleen Heckman, Garrett Horn, Amon Martin, Dorothy Mounce, Anna Beth Patton, Brad Pennington, Ashley Rigney, Jack Roney, David Stringer, Sarah Wethington, John White, and the families of Mack Calvert, Bobby Clark, Roberta East, Odell Robertson, Dewey and Kerri Sturgell and Marie Wesley.

Mt. Calvary

Sunday service attendance was 39 with 80 for worship service.  Bro. Ronnie’s message, “Jesus Is,” was taken from I John 5:13-14. The children’s service was led by Miranda Clements. Special singing was by the choir, Bro. Ronnie and Kelsey. Celebrating birthdays were Pam Morgan, Tammy Durham and Becky Durham. Evening service had 56 with Bro. Ronnie’s message taken from Luke 2:41-52, titled “The Misplaced Jesus.” Special singing was by the youth choir. Monthly business meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 10, at 7 p.m.  Bro. Ronnie will meet with Wednesday night youth teachers at 6:40 p.m.

Prayer requests: Olivia Gilpin, Donnie and Beth Robison, J.J. Davidson, Wanda Johnson, Elijah Clements, Richard Durham, Bro. Ray Arnold family, Bro. Andrew Luttrell, June Phelps, Zeke Ford, wreck victims’ families, Anna Durham, Aunda Cravens, Lady in Miss., Lisa Foley, Shelly Haste, David Stringer, Joy Brockman, Clevie Rodgers, Tyler Russell, Jesslyn Jacobs, Connie Pittman, Delores Wilcher, Sarah Publow, Sandy Haste, Rhonda Hall and family, Mabel Morgan family, Nick Jones’ friend, Hayden and Blayne Shepard’s great granny and those in harm’s way.

Mt. Olive

Attendance at Mt. Olive Christian Church was 75 for Sunday school. The lesson, “A Sincere Faith,” was from Daniel 1:8-21. Worship service had 114. The message, “Considerations for the New Year”, was from Mathew 6:1-4.  There were 37 for the evening service. The message, “Kick off the New Year”, was from Philippians 3:8-14. Wednesday at 7 p.m. is Bible Study. We’ll be studying from Ecclesiastes 4. Birthdays were Angie Lee, Mick Floyd, Marty McGowan, Gerlean Eastham, Lewis Taylor and Owen Payton.

New prayer request: Charles Allen and family, Amy Luley, Geneva Stafford, and the families of Ray Arnold, Chad Jude, Lavonda Adams and Dewey and Kerri Sturgill.

Poplar Grove

Bro. Brent’s message was taken from Psalms 119:15-16, Mark 5:15, Proverbs 22:7, Proverbs, 21:20, and was titled, “Change for the new year.” Bro. Brent had the children’s message. Birthdays for the upcoming week: Elliot Canon, Reda Randolph, Mona Whited, Josh Terry and David Sanders.

New prayer concerns: Kim Williams, Mark Cheeseman, Leland Vanoy, Kathleen Heckman, Kathy Shanklin, Geneva Stafford, Venita Warner, Chris Hood, Aanon Martin, Edna and Charles Allen, Laura Peyton, Bernice Griffin, Marlene Melton, Liz Lawhorn, Nadine Scott, Bill Cochran, Jackie Flanagan, Marvin Meredith, Louise Wesley, Yvette Tolliver, Tim Smith, Marvin Atwood, Doris Richards, Joan Roberts and the family of Dewey and Kerri Sturgill.

Poplar Springs

Prayer list: Linda Clements, Larry Cochran, Richard Durham, Carol Fitzsimmons, Lisa Foley, Gunter Gillock, Dustin Gosser, Irene Gosser, Michelle Gosser, Jerry Hardwick, Randy Horning, Rodney Hundley, Bill Hurt, Dennie and Sue Ellen Johnson, Steve Johnson, Billy Lamb, Jeremy Larkins, Ray Martin, Ruth Mason, Michael Morgan, Marge Moore, Mary Napier and grandchildren, Raymond Poff, Jay Price, Helen Putteet and daughter Regina, Larry Rice, Bobby and Carol Russel, David Shoaf, Rosemary Shoaf, Jessie Shultz, Isaac Tucker, Tyler Watson, Erdean and Eula Weddle, Rose Wilham, Jerry Zeiss, Sue and family, Hunter Burton Family, Military, Kathy Matthews, Joyce Maupin, the homeless, unspoken, Mary Goode, Thanksgiving praises, Rob Wesley and Rhonda May.

Rocky Ford

Rev. Johnson’s sermon was from Mark Chapter 8, verse 34-38, “Consumed by Gods love.”

Prayer concerns: Pat Followell, Bernice Griffin, Juanita Helm, Elmer Wilcher, Cherry Wright, Delores Wilcher, Helena McDonald, Kathy Shanklin, Peggy Reed, Glenda Wesley, Alan McQueary, Glenda Bryant, Glen and Alice Wilson and the families of Catherine Burris and Rebecca Lay.

Sacred Heart

Attendance for Sunday Mass was 23. Sunday Scriptures were Isaiah 60:1-6; Psalm 72:1-2,7-8,10-11,12-13;Ephesians 3:2-3a,5-6; and Matthew 2:1-12. Sunday Homily Theme was: “Exploring for God”. Next Sunday Scriptures will be: 1 Samuel 3:3b-10, 19; Psalm 40:2,4,7-8,8-9,10. 1 Corinthians 6:13c-15a,17-20; and John 1:35-42. The month of January is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus.

St. Bernard

Attendance for Saturday Vigil Mass was 5 and Sunday Mass was 84. Sunday Scriptures were: Isaiah 60:1-6; Psalm 72:1-2,7-8,10-11,12-13; Ephesians 3:2-3a,5-6; and Matthew 2:1-12. Sunday Homily Theme was: “Exploring for God.” Next Sunday Scriptures will be 1 Samuel 3:3b-10,19; Psalm 40:2,4,7-8,8-9,10;1 Corinthians 6:13c-15a,17-20; and John 1:35-42. The month of January is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus. CCD faith formation classes will resume this Wednesday from 4:30-5:45 p.m. Adult faith formation classes will meet on Sunday at 6 p.m.

 Thomas Ridge

Wednesday evening, Jan. 3, Bro. Ricky Hogue’s message was taken from Ephesians 1:17-23. Sunday morning’s message with Bro. Hershel Lawhorn, “Who Am I,” was taken from 1 Peter 1:22-25 and Sunday nights lesson “Demonic Spirits Pt. 4” was from Job 41:1-8. Thomas Ridge Church streams live Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. from our website thomasridgechurch.com. Service times are Sunday 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday night service begins at 7 p.m.

Prayer requests: Dennis Baldock, Marie Gaddis, Brance Thompson, Nadine Singleton, Elizabeth Holtzclaw, Todd Lee, Josh Brown, Patricia Loveless, Darrell Meeks, Flonnie Marples, Karen Champ, Glenda Caudill, David Absher, Mary Roy, Robert Branham, Elmer Wilcher, Bruce and Ramona Luttrell, Malcolm Douglas, Charles Reed, Allen McQueary, Fern Baldock, Anthony Wethington, Margaret Wimmer, Tonya Gosser, Barry Murphy, Mike Lee, Shirley Lawhorn, Ray, Lisa and Malori Sears, Mark Cheeseman, Marcelle Wilkerson, Jeff Roy, Thelma Broughton, Tina McFarland and Branden Phillippe.

Valley Oak

Attendance Sunday, Jan. 7, was 60 for Sunday school and 72 for worship service. Bradley Cravens read Proverbs 15:16 for our weekly devotional. For information or a ride for Wednesday night Discovery class, contact Terry and Jeanie Mullins or Eric and Danea Carman. Bro. Jim Thompson’s message was taken from 2 Corinthians 5:17. Bro. Thompson will also be preaching Sunday, Jan. 14.

We had prayer requests for Loueva Clark and family, David and Brenda Stringer, Danea and Dylan Carman, Pat Pittman, Gene Hodge and family, Deva Mullins, Ivadean Price, Dave Hamlin, Edwin and Pauline Carman, Gene Clark and family, Gordon Bourne,  Dennis and Gay Pond, Christine Moore, Louise Hines and family, Debbie Luttrell and family, The Clarence Girdler family, the Lily Bullock family, Dennis Bryant, Linda Wyatt, Gary Henson and family, Marilyn Wesley, Anna Lois McDonald and family, preschool class and families and several unspoken requests, and the lost.

Watson Chapel

Attendance at Watson Chapel church on Sunday, Jan. 7 was 17 for Sunday school and 19 for Worship. Devotional reading was Daniel 1:2-7. Bro. Sherman Floyds’ message was from Psalm 16:11 “Gods plan for your life.” Celebrating a birthday was Betty Jean Cravens.

Prayer list: Harold Cravens, Wilma Hatter, Jay Price, Pearl Short, Jane McAninch, David Stringer, the families of Bobby Clark, Dewey and Kerri Sturgill.

Walnut Hill

Attendance was 74 with 8 in the youth choir. Scripture: Judges 6 verse 11-17. Message: Do you want the Lord with you this year? Wednesday night Bible study will start at 7 p.m., studying Proverb 24.; youth will meet in hall.

Prayer request: Helena McDonald, Alma Vida Weddle, Dennis and Shirley Baldock, Gracie Burton, April and Corey Delong, Linda Richards, Boyd Brown, Bailey Caudill, Author and Corey, Mr. Hatter’s cousins family, Chris Smith, Bro. Mike Wilson, Bro. Rodney’s sister, Marshall Burton, Sherry Hatter, Anna Patterson, Louise Wesley, Fay Grider, Christine Hansford, Marlo Warner, Tyler East, Christine Pratt, Darby Rayborn, Dan Coffey, Lavern Murphy, Eddie Price, Jay Price, Mattie Smith, Robert Wesley, Diana Brown, Sturgill family, Carson, Noah and Rhonda Burton.